International Seminar on Life in Food Science and Technology

Department of Food Science and Technology of D.A.V College, Jalandhar organised an International Seminar on the topic ‘Life in Food Science and Technology’ sponsored by Regal Enterprises .

Principal Dr. S.K Arora along with head of dept. Prof. Bhartendu Singla and faculty members gave floral welcome to the Chief guest of function Mr. Paramvir Singh deol MD of regal enterprises from England, guest of honour Mr. A k shrivastva QA head Jagjit industry, Mr. Rajvir singh Deol ,Chairman Regal Enterprises.

Mr.Paramvir singh Deol stated the main purpose of this seminar is to aware the students regarding what is happening in the world regarding food science and what is the scope of Food Science and technology in present day world.
He educated the students regarding different food laws and various global food standards.

Mr. A k shrivastva delivered lecture on food safety management system and discussed how to implement the safety program in a food industry.

The seminar was quite informative and it generated awareness among students regarding HACCP, FSSAI and ISO.Mr.Deol also discussed the emerging threats to Food Chain. He also shared the opportunities in this field and discussed with the students that how we can get ready to compete with these challenge and avail opportunities.

*Jobs directly related to this field are:*

  • Food technologist.
  • Nutritional therapist.
  • Product/process development scientist.
  • Quality manager.
  • Regulatory affairs officer.
  • Scientific laboratory technician.
  • Technical brewer.

It was a very interesting seminar where students learned a lot about the life in Food Science and Technology.

Principal Dr.S.K Arora thanked the guest speakers and was very happy to see the alumni of D.A.V College,Jalandhar settled at a very high designation. He stressed on the importance of Food Science Industry and also acknowledge the bright future of the students of this field as they are being imparted a very true and practical knowledge by the faculty members of D.A.V College Jalandhar.Principal Dr.S.K Arora also stressed on the need of such informative seminars for the benefit of students.

H.O.D Prof.Bhartendu Singla also thanked the guests and entire team of Regal Enterprises for this informative interaction on the behalf of his entire Food Science and technology department. The other faculty members present at the seminar were Associate Prof.Anu Gupta, Prof.Pankaj Gupta, Prof. Sameer Sharma, Prof. Jaswinder, Prof.Pritika, Prof.Jyotsna and Prof.Komal.