Hawan Yagna performed in Girls Hostel

Started new academic year with vedic mantras in girls hostel at D.A.V College Jalandhar

At D.A.V College’s girls hostel new year and new academic year was started with havan and yagna. With vedic chants principal, staff members and students casted offerings.

Principal Dr S K Arora told the importance of havan to the students and also told its importance in our culture. Without havan people do not start new work in according to indian culture. Yagya produces the value of sacrifice in people.after that Dr SK Arora congratulated the students and motivated them to work hard in their studies. They told that all the institutions of arya samaj are only due to Maharishi Dayanand Swami Ji. In sanatam dharam yagya holds very much importance,start of every good deed is done by havan. Yagya should be performed by pure havan ingredients and holy chants. Yagya’s internal nature was founded by arya samaj, they told people about it and now many people performs it. Yagya produces positive vibes in a person which mind, soul and thoughts of a person pure and positive.

Principal Dr S K Arora told students to also take part in sports as well as cultural programs with addition to their studies. With this Dr Arora said that girls are progressing in every fields, they are not less than anyone but they are even better.

On this occasion Vice principal Prof V K Sareen, Chief warden Dr T D Saini, Warden Rumila Verma, Mr R K Mahajan and Mrs Renu Mahajan were also present.