Voter awareness programme under the SVEEP programme

The NSS wing of DAV College Jalandhar under the aegis of Prof S K Middha organised voter awareness programme under the SVEEP programme of district administration.

Principal Dr. S. K. Arora briefed the audience regarding the right use of their right to vote so that they could elect the dedicated and loyal candidates to serve the nation. He motivated the young voters of the college and staff members in respect of the right use of their vote. He also encouraged the staff members and students of the college to create awareness regarding the right use of their vote among the people living in slum area. In the end all staff members and students took the pledge to uphold the democratic traditions of our country and the dignity of free, fair and peaceful elections, and to vote in every election fearlessly and without being influenced by consideration of religion, race, caste, community, language or any inducement.



At this occasion an essay writing competition was organised on the Topic "Every Vote Counts". in this contest many north zone college students took part in it and depicted the Importance of The citizens right to vote .

The results are as follows :

Manpreet Kaur stood first (Government polytechnic college )

Harinder Kaur stood second (government college of education)

Himani Sharma stood third (SD college )

Condolence prize was given to Harneet kaur (Gndu college)

Dr Dinesh, Dr Meenu Talwar Prof Satinder formed the judging panel .

Apart from this, The NSS unit organised a competition for its volunteers too where 20 Students participated actively .

The stage was conducted by Prof S K Midda who also thanked everybody present in the function.

Prof Dhall, Prof Jain, Prof Naveen Atwal, Prof Bhuvan lamba and Prof Ramanpreet were present to grace the occasion.