Good bye Friends

I don’t depend upon luck or fate , i just believe in performing my task and fulfilling my responsibilities with all my loyalty and honesty, since performing our task is the dire responsibility of every human and only through this hard work we are gifted with the fruit we deserve

– Dr B.B.Sharma

Perhaps after Principal Behl , Dr B.B.sharma has fulfilled his responsibility with the best of his honesty. I just want to request him that always remain connected and in touch with DAVMC whether he is in india or abroad and we will never forget the contribution made by him in these 5 years and with heart full of gratitude i thank you
on behalf of the entire DAVMC for your dedicated and meritorious services and i give my best wishes to the outgoing and incoming Principal

-Dr Satish Sharma , Director Colleges , DAVMC New Delhi

Principal Dr B.B.Sharma is my role model, under whose stewardship DAV College jalandhar has attained new pinnacles and zeniths of success and i will try my level best to fulfill all the unfulfilled and incomplete projects and make it reach new heights.

– Dr Sanjeev Kumar Arora, Principal DAV College Jalandhar

I adore the way you inculcate and instill positivity in everyone even in those people who just don’t have anything except negativity in them. You always taught us how to face the difficult situations with the bravest of the attitudes . Your true friendship, your compassion and your assistance for so many years is something for which my heart will always be filled with gratitude forever.

-Dr Anoop Vats Principal DAV cCllege Ajmer

Your great achievements have always inspired and motivated us in our career and the way you lead others is an example of how true and a pure soul you are. Working and being under your stewardship i learnt a lot from you .Though you are going far apart from us but what you have left behind is not quantifiable in terms of your in valuable suggestions, your strategies and the challenges you have made us go through to build a new us. Thank you!

– Dr Sanjeev Sharma Principal DAV College Bathinda

Today we have to bid adieu since change is the law of nature and time runs and we don’t have any thing under our control & we just can adjust to the tides of time . I wish you good luck for the rest of your life and your invaluable contribution in the field of education is incredible and unmeasurable

– Dr Ajay Sareen, Principal HMV College Jalandhar

To honour the former Principal Dr Bharat Bhushan Sharma , DAV College Jalandhar organised a farewell ceremony to commemorate the contributions made by the great personality and also a welcome ceremony to cordially welcome the new Principal Dr Sanjeev Kumar Arora . As a matter of fact Dr Bharat Sharma had been serving DAVC Jalandhar from past 5 years and these 5 years have been the best 5 years in history of DAVC, since it attained many golden zeniths and pinnacles of success. The way DAVC have excelled under the tenure of Dr B.B.sharma is a matter of pride and appreciation and these milestones will be exemplified for the times to come

Initially in the starting of the function secretary staff council Dr Sameer Sharma welcomed all the dignitaries present and expressed his views regarding the occasion. Shri Arvind Ghai , Dr A K Paul and Dr Ajay Sareen presented abfloral welcome to Dr B.B. sharma and Dr Sanjeev Arora to
honour their presence .

Vice Principal Prof Vijay Gupta presented a farewell address to honour Dr B.B. sharma and he quoted “ for this august assembly of the members of staff council of this prestigious institutions it’s a matter of privilege and honour to bid you a hearty and warm farewell on your retirement. A highly revered patronage Dr B.B.sharma is a epitome of wisdom,foresight, administrative acumen and compassion. During your tenure as principal in this college you came as a cool breeze bringing positivity and brotherhood & your devotion and dedication towards your job and chair is worth all the appraisal . Under the leadership of Dr B.B.sharma the college attained a CGPA of 3.76/4 from NAAC and the comets title of ” College with Potential for Excellence “ . Principal Sharma is grateful to his mentors President Dr Punam Suri , Shri R S Sharma , Dr Satish Sharma , Principal H R Gandhar , V N Chawla , M L Sekhri , V B Mehra and B C Josan . We pray to almighty to bestow good health and happiness on you and the members of your family , Sir we all love you and sincerely wish you always keep in touch with us .

Later a student named Hardik Sharma presented a song named “ mere sahiba “ and turned the environment melodious .

New Principal Dr Sanjeev Kumar Arora, Prof Vijay Gupta , Prof V K Sareen and Prof S K Middha presented a token of gratitude and respect to Dr B.B.sharma.

The pahal organisation also presented a token of gratitude to Dr B.B. sharma and Dr SK Arora.

Rajendra presented “peer tere jaan di” and turned the environment really emotional

Seth Kundan Lal Aggarwal, chairman Local Advisory Committee while presenting his
presidential address welcomed the new principal and thanked with a heart full of gratitude and love for the outgoing Principal Dr B B Sharma and also prayed to God that in the tenure of the new principal the college attains more and more new heights and appraising Dr B.B.sharma, he quoted that he is the only person who in the history of 100 years of DAVC has initiated the traditions performing havan yagya which was never initiated by anyone else and i am really proud of this person to develop this pious land of Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

Dr Satish Sharma while sharing his views on the occasion quoted that perhaps after principal behl Dr B B Sharma is the one who worked so passionately and hardworkingly and further he requested Dr B.B.sharma that whether he remained in india or abroad always remain connected to DAVMC and his institution, and guided him not to forget about the contribution it has made into his life . He further said “ I with all my heart full of gratitude and thanksgiving thank Dr B.B.sharma on behalf of the entire DAVMC specially the President and Secretary for your fruitful and meritorious services you have given to DAVC.

The way Dr B.B. sharma has performed his activities eliminating the loop of his previous colleagues is something really worth praising and later he requested the entire audience to give a great standing ovation for the contributions made by Dr B B Sharma and he also congratulated the new principal and prayed that he takes dav college jalandhar to more new heights .

Dr B.B. Sharma on this occasion shared his feeling emotionally and quoted “today I stand here to thank a bunch full of people who made a remarkable contribution in my life & because of them i am here and i am what I am . I want to thank the almighty who made me this capable that i am standing here and conversing with you seeking your blessings . I also want to thank my mother who has been my creator and the one who took all the pains to bring the best in me , I also want to thank my father who was the inspiration behind me to become a lecturer since he had a soft corner and a weakness for this profession . I want to thank my elder brother for being my truest best friend supporting me and all the time. I also want to thank my better half Mrs Shashi Sharma who was the inspiration behind me completing my Phd, it was because of motivation and inspiration of my better half that i attained the title of being a doctor and later achieved the position of being a principal . I also want to thank the dedicated , cooperative and intellectual teaching faculty of DAVC who were always there to provide their incredible support and assistance all the times during these 5 years . Special thanks to non teaching faculty who always very cooperative and serene enough to resolve all the matters in closed doors . I am taking away many golden memories from this place and i will miss you to the moon and back . “

The new principal Dr Sanjeev Kumar Arora on this occasion quoted I thank Dr B B Sharma for the his valuable contributions he has made not just in DAVC jalandhar but also in DAVC abohar . Under his tenure these institutions have reached the pinnacles of success and i promise to bring the best and try my best to complete all the unfulfilled and unfinished projects and i promise to increase the CGPA of DAVC from 3.76 to more and more and more. I promise to generate a reservoir of goodwill for all the stakeholders of College and last but not least i want to thank President DAVMC Dr Poonam Suri ji for bestowing over me the trust and responsibility to handle this great prestigious institution .

In the end the Joint staff secretary prof S K Middha presented the vote of thanks on behalf of the entire dav staff and all the organising committee of the function . All the old memories of Dr B B Sharma was presented in form of a powerpoint presentation in the function .

Prof S K Middha quoted “
juda ki hoyan tu tan dur jake beth gya , jeonda di bas aek hook bnke reh gya , bhalea vi labna nhi mlook jeha subahh tera , apne hi aap vch khuda banke reh gya “.

At this occasion many people from the dav managing committee including Dr Arvind Ghai Secretary DAMC, Dr Satish Sharma Director Colleges , Dr A K Paul Vice Chancellor DAVU , Shri M L Aeri (ex Director Colleges), Dr Ajay Principal HMV College , Seth Kundan Lal , Dr Anoop Vats Principal dav ajmer , Dr Sanjeev Sharma principal dav bathinda , Dr Neeru Chadha , Dr Varinder Bhatia and the entire staff council of the college was present.