Meet New Principal Dr S.K. Arora

Meet New Principal-Dr S.K. Arora

DAV College Jalandhar got it’s 17th Principal as Dr Sanjiv Kumar Arora in year 2017

Dr S.K.Arora new principal of DAV college Jalandhar was welcomed with a core traditional way.Sharp at 11:30 am mantras of Arya Samaj were enchanted accompanied by “Tikal ceremony” done by Dr B.B Sharma to the new Principal of DAV college Jalandhar and Principal Dr S.K.Arora was honoured with the DAV College “Principal Chair”. Important documents were also signed by our new principal. Local adviser Committee’s President Seth Kundan Lal Aggarwal, Secretary DAV management committee Shri Arvind Ghai and whole Academic Council of the college welcomed principal with a bouquet.

Dr S.K.Arora did his major in subject of botany. He did his under-graduation and post-graduation from Punjab University, Chandigarh. In 1990 he joined as professor in DAV College Benikhet and was also stayed as principal for four years. He also served his principal ship in S.L Bawa DAV college, Batala for five years and in 2011 he was principal of DAV College Abohar for five years.

Dr S.K.Arora addressed the faculty after the retirement of Dr B.B.Sharma and said “ it was a matter of great honour and pride to be principal of DAV College Jalandhar, this college is a hundred year old institution and serving this college is itself blessing given by God. DAV college is known for its high achievement and I will do my best to keep this name up. After being the principal I have to maintain relation between faculty and students with peace and harmony in order to achieve every goal. I am highly thankful of DAV family and specially President of DAVMC Dr Poonam Suri ji for giving me this opportunity. I am also thankful to faculty members and students for this warm welcome”.

Dr S.K.Arora also mentioned that Dr B.B.Sharma is like role model to him, he said I am happy to walk on the path walked by Dr B.B.Sharma.Best efforts will be made for the well being of the college.

New Principal Dr S.K.Arora laid forward his plans for DAV College Jalandhar.

1)We require those courses which help students in skill development and optimum utilizations of resources should be done.

2)Research cells and research labs will be introduced in college. For research work industrial tie-ups will be made. Difference between industry and college will reduced. Alumni attractions will made so that students can learn more about life.

3)It is my task to make students job creators not job seakers. We will also make students part of the research work program.

4)The research work done in college will morie practical than theoretical

5)We will try our best to make tie-ups with international universities and will also introduce international courses so that students can get better jobs.

6)Courses on agriculture will also be introduced. In order to make students more aware about new technology in field of agriculture.

7)Community Radio will also be started in the college, so that students can get practical knowledge to make their future in Radio.

On this occasion Dr B.B.Sharma said that no matter I m leaving my principal ship but my mind and soul will always be attached to DAV College Jalandhar. I also believe the way this college gave me respect and trust it will do the same to our new principal Dr S.K.Arora. I trust Dr S.K.Arora will give his very best to make this college great. I pray that DAV college Jalandhar touch the sky and do great things.