Retirement of Principal “Dr Bharat Bhushan Sharma”

It’s so hard to say GOOD BYE……… DAV College’s Principal “Honourable Dr Bharat Bhushan Sharma” got Retired today

I have enjoyed all my time with the college and I pay tribute to the hard working, diligent and professional staff who have achieved so much in terms of national accolades and plaudits but also for each and every individual student who has studied with us. It is undoubtedly the case that without them, I could not have enjoyed such a rewarding career.”

Dr B B Sharma
(Principal,DAVC 2011-2016)

“The college has been most fortunate in having such an outstanding personality. All of us staff and students past and present — wish to extend our thanks to Dr B B Sharma for all he has achieved and to wish his every happiness for the future.”

Prof Vijay Gupta (Vice Principal)

We can never forget his valuable and effective suggestions during all the times in the college. It seems that he join the college now and the time of going of him has come very soon. He is a role model in our college and his dedicated years of service would be live in our memory.

Prof V K Sareen (Vice Principal)

“The College has achieved great things under his leadership and he now leaves us in an excellent position to carry forward her legacy for the benefit of future generations of students”.

Prof Manish Khanna (PRO)

My glorious 5 years at DAV College have been the best 5 years of my life . I don’t feel like leaving this place and I am not able to believe that my journey with this college is about to end . But with a heart full of emotions I can just say that though time has made us apart , but our souls are always connected

Dr B B Sharma
(Principal,DAVC 2011-2016)

After a glorious tenure of 5 year (2011-2016) , DAV College’s Principal “Honourable Dr Bharat Bhushan Sharma” got retired . He has been a landmark in the history of DAV College Jalandhar . During his evergreen tenure , DAV attained exemplary heights and his period will be remembered for the times to come

For every Davian , Dr B B Sharma has been a legend . Someone who was not just the great instutution’s revered principal , but a true mentor for the entire DAV family . He has been a true source of inspiration , a ray of hope and an indispensable asset to all.

Under his stewardship DAV College jalandhar has attaintained heights of grand success and prosperity .On September 25th 2014, DAV College was accrediated as “BEST CO-EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION” in the country and got a CGPA of 3.76/4 .The college was awarded the prestigious status of COLLEGE WITH POTENTIAL FOR EXCELLENCE by the UGC. Dr Bharat Bhushan Sharma was awarded as “THE BEST PRINCIPAL”by The DAV Management Committee, New Delhi. Dr B B Sharma was also elected as president of principals association of various GNDU colleges. For the first time in the history of DAV jalandhar , the college strength has crossed a mark of 7000+ , under his leadership .

He initiated the making of 3 tier automated parking system, excellent infrastructure with modernized labs and studios for the college.

He initiated the conduction of many national and international conferences sponsored by UGC and NAAC and various extension lectures and film festivals, symposium on “ INDIA PAKISTAN RELATIONS”

Under his stewardship college celebrated Victorious golden jubilee, College became a hub for GLOBAL CULTURAL FIESTA to encourage “ cultural exchange “ globally .representatives from countries.

DAV has excelled in all the fields , whether its sports or academics or research under his motivation. He initiated the constituting of students central association where the member students could talk about the students grievances and Dr B B sharma was always at the front to coordinate and work for removing grievances.

At this occasion Honorable Principal Dr BB sharma quoted ” ..Being a Principal and that too of such a prestigious institution DAV College is an honour in itself . I feel humbled enough to be given a chance to serve a great institution DAV College Jalandhar which has not only been my karma Bhumi ,my Alma mater , but a place where I completed my education and learnt the most important lessons of my life .

This entire journey is not solely my life journey , but I owe my life to the people because of whom I managed to reach such a position and become what I am today

Parents, I want to thank you for bringing your children to our College and trusting us with them everyday. I especially want to thank you for raising such an amazing group of people that stand before us today. Parents being involved in their own child’s life leads them to more opportunities for success; this group that stands in front of us has shown so many positive qualities and we know this all starts at home.

I owe a big big thank-you to the DAV staff members and the excellent faculty . Being a Principal sometimes there exists a sort of hesitation and communication gap and sometimes resilience . But I was lucky enough to get such a loving , cooperating and coordinating faculty , who at all the times have stood by me and reinstating faith , whether it’s the NAAC visit time or other times too . I haven’t come across such cooperating staff members . Without you I don’t have been able to become a Good Principal , because of you , I am what I am . Thanks for extending all your worthy efforts during these 5 years . Everyone, from the accounts office, administration office, librarian, custodians, secretaries, and teachers in the College believe in always doing what is best for the students. Your kindness and caring for students as whole people and not as numbers on exams is the reason that we have seen these students blossom into leaders. Thank you for always caring about our College students.

I would also thank my dear lovely students, whom I just treated as my kids , and they too looked up to me as a father . I felt really happy and humbled when they used to approach me for solving thier problems . The respect , love they showed has made me more stronger and I have a special soft corner for the DAV students .

I am really very thankful to my family -my wife and beautiful kids who sacrificed thier joys so as I could deliver and discharge my duties well , and thier timely counselling and motivation has helped me stay more humble . My wife has been a real partner multiplying my joys and successes and dividing my sorrows .

Last but not the least, I cannot forget to show my gratitude for the Great DAV Managing Committee and specially The President Dr Poonam Suri Ji , who showed his faith in my capabilities and gave me a chance to serve at this position to such a great institution . I am really thankful for all the timely support by DAVMC showered upon me .

Leaving DAV I feel like I am losing a part of my heart and soul . Now I won’t be able to hear the lovely voices of “Good morning Principal Sir ” from the lovely Davians. These 5 years have been the best 5 years of my life . I don’t feel like leaving this place and I am not able to believe that my journey with this college is about to end . But with a heart full of emotions I can just say that though time has made us apart , but our souls are always connected . The heartily relationships I have made here will carry on forever.

Standing here today, I look back at where I was five year ago. Leaving a College I cared a lot about and I said my final goodbyes was tough. Looking back, I am not sure if it is easier to say goodbye and leave or say goodbye and have people leave you. This is a tough day for me

I wish this college reaches Zenith’s of success and attains more and more heights for the times to come . I just don’t know what to say as I am emotional at this time and just can say “DAV JAI JAI ” .