An alumni of College and reputed American Jeweller Shri Deepak Verma visited College

An alumni of DAV College and reputed American Jeweller who is loved by people Shri Deepak Verma gave a visit to his College.

“It was a matter of pride and joyous that I am a DAV College student and no matter my work and body resides in United States of America but my soul stays in India.”

-Shri Deepak Verma.

“Looking at the successful life of our alumni, it makes us so happy.No matter if stay in other countries but they are still attached to their roots.”

-Principal Dr B.B.Sharma.

Shri Deepak Verma a student of Political Science, who studied here 35years ago impressed everyone with his charisma. He studied here from year 1976 to 1982 and currently lives in NewYork ,USA. He is a famous person in business of jewellery and he owns a shop named Ammba Jewellers there.

Shri Deepak Verma was welcomed and honoured by Principal Dr B.B.Sharma,Vice Principal Prof Vijay Gupta,Vice Principal Prof V.K.Sareen, Registrar Prof A.K.Bhardwaj and P.R.O Manish Khanna with a bouquet.

Deepak Verma got overwhelmed with this and said that he feels like he became a student of this college again,D.A.V college hold a special place in my heart,which gave me best college life experience. 6 years as student in political science department was the most memorable part of my life time.

He also stated that seeing College on the road of success gives his soul an immense pleasure,their has been huge prosperous growth in this college,I feel so proud. One thing which have’nt changed till now and even wont in the future is the air of simplicity which blows here and love for the students this college have. I got an opportunity to visit this college and re-live my memories. I will keep alive these precious memories in my mind and heart.

Shri Verma shared that he wanted to be a pharmacologist,but it was in the hand of the faith which brought him to D.A.V college and made hin live the best time of his life.I will try to attend every alumni meet which this college will organise and will always keep the memory of this joyous day in my mind, cause this is the very same land which taught him the rules of life and how to live it.

Principal Dr B.B.Sharma said that for every college students are their precious gems, and it is a blissful feeling to have Shri Deepak Verma here with us. I am so happy that,I have got to know so much about Shri Deepak Verma. The only reason he is so successful in his feild of business is beacuse he dully practised the teaching and values that has been taught in this college. Doors of this college and our hearts will always be open for Shri Deepak Verma