Prof. A K Trivedi retired after 35 years of glourious service

“I am a traveler, u too are a traveler, at some point we will meet again ….“ Prof A.K Trivedi retires after 35 years of wonderful and glorious service at DAV College Jalandhar

“Teaching at DAV College was not only my luck but also a privilege for me …..” shared his experiences and feelings of 35 years spent in this college. These were not only 35 years but the beast 35 years said Head of the Geography department and NCC Wing Squadron leader Prof. AK Trivedi

Former President and Vice-Principal of the Department of Chemistry Prof. G.D Sharma have a very important role in refining my personality, I’ll admit him as my mentor and my best friend, and my whole life I would be grateful to him.

-Prof. A.K Trivedi

College Principal Prof. Dr. BB Sharma, gave the title of “highly disciplined person” to Prof A.K Trivedi. Principal BB Sharma said, Prof. Trivedi is a humble and peace-loving person, knowledgeable,hardworking and above all, the perfect teacher, who always contributed positively in all areas. For him our hearts and the doors of our College are always open and College will always welcoming him with open arms. What they have done as NCC wing leader is fully praise- worthy.

Prof. AK Trivedi before entering DAV college, served in three different Goverment Colleges, first at Government College Muktsar, secondly Patiala Goverment College and also at Government College Tanda. After that in July 1982,Prof. Trivedi joined DAV College Jalandhar and scored his step with almost 35 years of his honesty and sincerity, and in1991 he was appointed as Head of the geography department where he seven 25 years as HOD.

Prof. Trivedi completed his primary education in Punjab and Haryana. He did his graduation from Faridkot, Masters from Panjabi University Patiala and MPhil from Panjab University Chandigarh. Prof. Trivedi is also remained member of Guru Nanak Dev University’s Board of studies, moderation, Social sciences and of the academic council. At DAV College, Prof. Trivedi has been member of almost every committee viz Athletic Council, Academic Council,College Discipline Committee, Examination Committee, College construction committee, Amalgamated Fund committee etc

Principal Dr BB Sharma, staff secretary Dr Samir Sharma, Joint Staff Secretary Prof. SK Midda and other Staff members honored Prof. Trivedi with Silver saalwar, shawl and gifts.

Author of three books, Prof. AK Trivedi said in his farewell speech, that I have worked for years laboriously for the college and the community. The key to success is hard work, but now if you can not work so hard, it does not mean that you do not want to give any further contributions. At the same time you can work more meaningful by taking advantage of past experience.

Prof. Trivedi’s Minor Research ” Changing land use pattern of Jalandhar city -Temporal perspective,” was received highly appreciation by the UGC.

He further added, I am working because I get the energy, my intellect is sharp and I get the opportunity to use my talent which is hidden within me. Your skills, your knowledge and your positively influence the former earned success and thus can give meaningful service. Retirement is just a kind of change. You should understand that you had left the old house to get into a new home and then your new life begins.

Recalling his pleasant moments spent in college, Prof. Trivedi said, every day I learned something new, learning always has been my hobby and books have always been my best friend. I have enjoyed my tenure. I am glad that I am in
everyone’s ideas and always will. Thank you all.

Talking about his well connected memories with the college, he told, how his connection with every principle was very respectable and happy, everyone gives me a lot of respect and I had never clashed with anyone here.Very happily and gladly he spend his entire tenure with harmony in the Department of Geography.He said National Conference held in 2005 in the country’s prestigious universities around the more than 180 delegates took part, are tied up with my very beautiful memories.

Prof. Trivedi from 1987until 2016 played a marvellous role as a Squadron leader of NCC Air Wing leader in 29 years, he has participated in hundreds of NCC Camps, Prof. Trivedi was the first person at Dav College who make college take part in the camps.He also said while working in NCC it was a very delightful experience of mine.

Prof. Trivedi said I have to give today’s young generation a message,”The youth of today are extremely courageous and firm and there is urgent need to refine their personality as a whole. All young people need to become all-rounders because only then they will get success. Youth should keep yourself busy in productive works and never ever let anyone destroy the inner self confidence because over confidence can make us fall even from the top floor.

While talking about the philosophy of life,Prof. Trivedi Said “life is like a race, which is full of challenges, if we will not work actively,the train of life will leave the station and we will be left bare-handed, especially the youth should be active and adventurous.

On the occasion, Prof. Kunwar Deepak , Prof. Kranti, Registrar Prof AK Bhardwaj, PRO Prof. Manish Khanna, Dr Raj Kumar, Prof Raj Purohit, DrSanjeev Dhawan, Prof. Navin Saini, Prof. Naveen Sood, Prof. Rajeev Sharma and others were present.