College gave homage to the alumnus of the college Martyr Mohinder Raj

D.A.V College Jalandhar gave homage to the alumnus of the college Martyr Mohinder Raj(Deputy Commander) by inscribing his photo in “college Hall of fame”.

“Major Raman Dada(Kirti Chakra),Wing Commander D.S.Minhas(Kirti Chakra),Punjab Police Constable Girdhari Lal and Constable Gurdeep Chad were also paid homage.”

“We are proud of our student and alumni Martyr Mohinder Raj and we feel proud to inscribe his photo in “Hall of Fame of the College”.

– Principal Dr B.B.Sharma

N.S.S and N.C.C unit of the college organised Martyr’day on 21st October,2016. This program was an initiation by Government of India, To give honour for our martyrs,which our college happily celebrated. Principal Dr B.B.Sharma shared that Mohinder Raj joined B.S.F after studying in D.A.V College Jalandhar and Punjab University.
On 13th July 1999 at Bandipur(J&K) some militants sneaked inside the BSF province Bandipur and entered into family quarter line area and shot dead Smt Bharti wife of Ct M Munirajappa and occupied second storey of family quarters building. On receiving information about the incident, Sh S.K Chakraborty,ADIG along with Sh Mohinder Raj, JAD(G),SHQ Bandipur and escorts reached the place of incident. After visiting the scene, the party came out and started enquiring about the firing incident from the guard personnel. In the meantime, a burst of fire came killing Sh S.K Chakraborty,ADIG and Sh Mohinder Raj, JAD(G),SHQ Bandipur on the spot.
His supreme sacrifice in the line of duty shall always be remembered by the nation.

D.A.V College Jalandhar honoured the photo of Martyr Mohinder Raj in D.A.V College Hall of Fame, by Principal Dr B.B.Sharma , parents of Sh Mohinder Raj Mr Mohan Lal and St Kamal and esteem team of BSF.

With heavy heart and wet eyes Principal Dr B.B.Sharma addressed the gathering,he informed everyone that beside being an alumns of this college he was also a topper in BA(Hons) and also served as a teacher of history in this very college for two semester. Later he was called for his duties in BSF. In the words of Dr B.B.Sharma “real bravery is the supreme sacrifice of the life” according to him we consider our self so great when we work late hours or work hard for our college and office life, but real bravery is giving up your life for your country without thinking twice. In all the year of being the principal of this college, it was the first time govt started this scheme,Which is a great way to remember our Martyrs, for their supreme sacrifice.The only reason we feel safe in our country is thanks to police of India, BSF,Army, Navy and Airforce. The reason peace has prevailed in the country is because of them. Later Principal Dr B.B.Sharma thanked parents of Mohinder Raj and BSF team and asked for two minute silence in the memory of our Martyr.

While answering the question about the decrease in level of patriotism in our country Sh Mohan Lal(Father of Mohinder Lal) said” I won’t say it has decreased but certain factors are playing major role in bringing the bad consequence like low pay grade, less media focus, difference between Army and BSF. But still level of patriotism is touching the sky in our country”. In the end Sh Mohan Lal ji gave an inspirational message to the youth that his main concern is on the vivid increase in use of drugs, until or unless their is no stopping of drug abuse, our country won’t grow. Students must realise that only way to make your life better is to focus on their studies and make better out of themselves. One must always contribute to our country in way or another.

Prof S.K.Midhar N.S.S Co-ordinator,Prof S.K.Tuli (N.C.C Officer Major) were also present on this ceremony.