Teachers of Mathematics department cleared CSIR-NET

D.A.V College's Mathematics department Prof Menakshi Sharma cleared J.R.F(CSIR-NET) with Prof Jasmine(CSIR-NET) passed the exam with flying colours.

The best way for teaching in college is by clearing the UGC's NET examination. Recently result for the UGC exam was declared and both the teachers brought laurels to D.A.V College.Prof Menakshi Sharma a product of D.A.V college,who is also a teacher here cleared J.R.F(CSIR-NET) and Prof Jasmine who is also product of D.A.V college and also a teacher in the same department cleared (CSIR-NET) with amazing marks.



For her success Prof Menakshi Sharma shared that,in order to reach your goals planning is the most important thing.Without it,you wont succeed. For better results focus on the weekest part of the syllabus,while doing this your prepration will improve.While solving question always keep in mind,too much time should not be spend on a single question,always read the option given in the question,All of this will help you score good in exam.

Prof Jasmine stated that, exam of UGC is a tricky thing,most important factor to focus upon is time,In exams like this every second counts.In order to prepair for the exam,give great consideration to NCERT books,so that your concepts get cleared.According to her there are certain questions in the exam which needs full knowledge of the topic,half knowledge wont help you score good,you can use extra books available in market to prepare for the exam.

Principal of D.A.V College Dr B.B.Sharma, HOD of Mathematics department Prof Ajay Kumar Aggarwal and whole staff of teachers congratulated both the teachers.