DAV College Inter Class Badminton Tournament

“Abhinav” (Boys Singles), “Sharanjeet” (Girls Singles), “Akhil and Pratap” (Boys Doubles) hit the champions throne.
“All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy” apting the abovesaid notion, DAV College, Jalandhar witnessed Inter Class Badminton Tournament pioneered by Commerce Forum under the patronage of Dr. Rajwant Kaur, President Commerce Forum.
Dr. Rajwant Kaur relayed the stills about the tournament which held Boys Singles, Boys Doubles and Girls Singles where 32 Boys and 14 Girls manifested their brilliant sportsmanship.
The tournament went fair under the expertise of Refrees Lakshaya and Sumit.
Tournament Stats:
Knock Outs-
1. Harshit beat Bhupesh (21-13)
2. Ravi beat Tushar (21-19)
3. Raghav beat Punnay (21-8)
4. Chirag beat Nikhil (21-2)
5. Dishanbi beat Dipanshu (21-9)
6. Karan beat Rishab (21-6)
7. Manav beat Nikhil (26-24)
8. Ashu beat Kashish (21-16)
9. Gagandeep beat Danish (21-9)
10. Abhinav beat Dipanshu (21-13)
1. Abhinav defeated Sourav
2. Pankaj defeated Manav
3. Prateek defeated Harshit
4. Karan defeated Nikhil
Sem 1- Abhinav wrote off Chirag by 21-15
Sem 2- Prateek wrote off Karan by 21-15
Final Showdown-
In a deadshot close game between Abhinav and Prateek, Abhinav slammed the winner’s smash by 21-19.
Knock Outs-
1. Ankita beat Neha (21-4)
2. Geetika beat Shruti (21-16)
3. Nisha beat Arshpreet (21-11)
4. Shehnaz beat Mokshika (21-11)
5. Gurveer beat Pallavi (21-13)
6. Sharanjeet beat Roma (21-3)
7. Shivani beat Amanpreet (21-14)
1. Ankita defeated Geetika
2. Nisha defeated Shehnaz
3. Gurveer defeated Amanpreet
4. Sharanjeet defeated Shivani
Sem 1- Sharanjeet won over Gurveer (21-9)
Sem 2- Ankita won over Nisha (21-9)
Final Showdown-
With the initial advantages, Sharanjeet succeeded Ankita in taking over the Champions title by 21-13.
Boys Doubles resumed from the performers stats from Singles and went on with Semifinals.
Semi1- Akhil and Pratap won over Mansav Puri and Kashish by 21-7.
Semi 2- Vaibhav and Sourav won over Harshit and Gagandeep by 21-8.
Final Heat
In the extreme toe-to-toe match, Akhil and Pratap managed to wipe out Vaibhav and Sourav by 21-19 bragging the Winners slam.
On this occassion,Principal Dr. B.B.Sharma quoted,” We should not understate the importance of sports. Today is the clock of change where sports not only is there for keeping us health conscious but now it is being recognised as Career. Today many sports personas are excelling nationwide as well as globally.Take the example of PV Sindhu who scribed India in Olympic Silver.I am very delighted to see my so many daughters standing here which reminds me that these apples of our eye will bring splendour to our nation.”
Vice Principal Prof. V.K.Sareen with his exemplary way of teaching practically boosted the participants by having playing session with them. He connotegd that our College not only nurtures the students with education but also with the potentials of physical and mental fitness. These tournaments not only hypes the students morale but also rekindles the sportsmanship inside them
The winners were honoured by Vice principal Prof Vksareen , President Commerce Forum Dr Rajwant Kaur, Prof Arun Mehra, Prof Ashok Kapoor and Prof S K Middha.