Department of Physics organized a seven-day National Workshop

The Post-Graduate department of Physics, DAV College Jalandhar organized a seven-day National Workshop entitled “Transport Phenomenon in Low Dimensional Systems and First Principle Simulation of Condensed Matter Systems” from Sept. 29 to Oct. 5, 2016. Dr. Ravi Kumar, Professor and Head, Materials Science department at NIT Hamirpur was the chief guest for the inaugural function. Principal Dr. B. B. Sharma and Prof. T. D. Saini, Head Department of Physics welcomed the chief guest and resource persons invited for the workshop. Prof. Sharanjit Sandhu, Organising Secretary, introduced the chief guest to the audience. The chief guest started the inaugural session with his keynote address in which he emphasized on the revolutionary changes in our life due to developments in “Materials Science” mainly in the fields of electronics, medicine, defence.
The workshop was attended by research scholars, post-graduate students & faculty members from different institutions. The aim of the workshop was to explore the properties of low dimensional systems using modeling & simulation. The technical session was started with the lecture delivered by Dr. Santanu Maiti, from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. In his lecture, he discussed the theoretical aspects of low dimension (nano) systems which can be used at research level. He interacted with the participants in such a way that even the post-graduate students were keen to exchange their ideas related to research with him. In nutshell, it was healthy interactive session delivered by Dr. Santanu Maiti. Dr. Ranber Singh, from DAV University, Jalandhar also discussed about the low dimensional systems.

The practical lab. session was collectively contributed by Dr. Ashok Kumar (Central University of Punjab, Bathinda), Dr. Jagdish Kumar (Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala), Dr. Arun Kumar (Govt. College Banjar). Dr. Nischay Bahl (DAV College Jalandhar) talked about LINUX essentials & how it is beneficial over windows especially for research purpose. The basic purpose of the laboratory session was to motivate the students for research using numerical simulation techniques. For this, a software named, SIESTA was introduced which is helpful in overcoming the hindrances faced in solving the research problems. This is so because complex systems cannot be easily solved using analytical methods & thus we have to switch to simulation.

The chief guest for the valedictory function was Prof. N. P. S. Saini, Head, Department of Physics, G.N.D.U. Amritsar. He is well-known scientist in the field of Plasma Physics. He appreciated the execution of the workshop program & the course content. He inspired the students for research with his speech. Principal Dr. B. B. Sharma was very happy with the students’s enthusiasm for the workshop & hoped to organize such kind of events in future.

Head of Physics Department, Prof. T. D. Saini told about the importance of the topics discussed in the workshop. He brought to the notice of the participants that this year’s Nobel prize in Physics has gone to three physicists, David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz for their study in exotic materials. The basic properties of these materials have been introduced in the workshop.

Organizing secretary of the workshop Prof. (Ms.) Sharanjit Sandhu summed up the topics discussed by the resource persons and presented vote of thanks. Also present were Dr. Hemant Kumar, Dr. Satish Kumar, Dr. Navjeet Sharma, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma, Dr. Preety, Dr. Ravinder Kaur, Dr. Reena, Dr. Ritu Pal, Prof. Kapil, Prof. Ruchi, Prof. Vijeta, Prof. Sunil, Prof. Priyanka, Prof. Neha, Prof. Rajni.