Vote and play your role of a nobel citizen

“Vote and play your role of a nobel citizen” with these saying D.A.V College organised the Voter Awareness Rally.

“Voting is an honour,and it is our duty to do so,you got an opportunity, don’t lose it”

-Vice Principal Prof V.K.Sareen.

Our country is giving you a very important chance, each vote matters a lot, it can bring a revolution,if you got a powers do utilize it,chose a right representative,only then parliament can grow.

-N.S.S Program Incharge Prof S.K.Midha

Youngsters are ready to become an important part of “Punjab Rajya Sabha Election 2017″‘. The youngster wants to control the progress of the nation.For this,they have realised the importance of voting. The future of the country lies on the shoulder of the young generation, thats why awareness for voting is being made in college campus and outside homes. For this reason D.A.V college’s N.S.S department and its students organised a rally on awareness and importance of voting,more than 200 students joined this rally with great enthusiasm.

Vice Principal Prof V.K.Sareen informed the students about the importance of voting to the students and influenced everyone to make a vote cause it is the foundation stone for any democracy. Before voting we should really think and consider about the person whom we want to vote. We should chose those representative who can bring equilibrium and harmony to the parliament. The responsibility for growth is on shoulders of youngster,each vote counts and got the tendency to change the future of country. It is an honourable thing to vote,and its our duty to vote for having a stable parliament. You have got an opportunity,use it wise.For good governance its is necessary for youngsters to vote. There are so many countries,where the youngsters are still fighting for their rights to vote. Single vote by you can change a lot. It can bring a revolution,If you got a power to use it wise, so you can elect right representative.

N.S.S Program Incharge Prof S.K.Midha told students that they got huge amount of knowledge, all you need to do is,use it in right manner. Your vote consist so much power that it can change the system for good.For this you got to aware yourself. You have to inspire your family and locality members to go out and vote. The parliament has given you an opportunity but consider it as your duty. If a corrupt minister can bring a nation to its knees,then an honest minister can change the nation’s state too, so do vote.

On this occasion , Mr T R Katnojia from district administration, 30 Block Level Officers(BLO) and Dr Suresh Khuranna were present.