N.S.S Youth Leadership Training camp

DAV College Students returned after N.S.S Youth Leadership Training camp.

DAV College’s 8 N.S.S. department students with co operation of Punjab Government and Youth Welfare Department, Chandigarh were sent to youth leadership traning camp at Manali. “Only students of DAV college were selected from whole Jalandhar district.”

The camp was attended by students from different districts of Punjab state. The camp was situated at a place near manali named “Nagar” and its duration was from 25th August to 3rd September .8 students of the college named Hemant Kumar, Deepak Verma, Manik Sharma, Vivek, Mukul, Ankush Kumar,Bhuvan Sharma and Gobind. participated. Students after coming back told that they were under the supervision of a NGO named ‘Track India’.PT and Yoga training was done in the morning as well as the afternoon session offers academic.Everyday some different person was invited at their camp and introduction was done, one day they called Rajiv Sharma who had climbed the Mount Everest and is a successful tracker, he urged his experiences of students in the course Mounterin and told them to climb the peak of mount everest once in their life. In addition, the students got the opportunity of 15 kilo-meter mountain trekking. Every evening, the cultural session, in which the childrens tell their experiences. Then students saidthey were taken there in Manali and its adjoining Krishna temple, Manu temple, Hadimma temple and Rohtang pass. With this they were also given opportunity for adventure sports which takes out the sense of fear from a person. At the last day, the Punjab government and described the importance of the camp and certificates were awarded .

When the students came back Principal Dr. B B Sharma said that these type of camps develop self-confidence, tolerance and brotherhood among the students. Such camps make students self- Dependent. NSS co-ordinator Prof. S K Midda said that the purpose of these camps is for developing the leadership qualities of an individual, you are very lucky that you got a chance to participate in this camp.