Press Conference was held on memory sharpening techniques

A Press Conference was held in the premises of DAV College Jalandhar on memory sharpening techniques which was addressed formally by Prof Kunwar Rajeev, where he Advocated regarding his memorising and grasping capabilities and quoted the techniques through which others can acquire this competency

Professor Kunwar Rajeev of Physics department is not only a great teacher but is an incredible miracle as far as his grasping power is concerned. The power of his grasping can be seen from the fact that he can remember about the things as quoted by him as follows :

1. Write forty numbers and attach 40 objects or words to them he can recall all the objects:
A) in forward order
B) in reverse order
C) objects attached to any random Number
D) Number attached to any random object

2. Write any Number of( 250 to 500 or even more) binary numbers( 0 and 1’s) he can memorize these numbers quickly and can reproduce them in exact sequence.

3. He can memorize a shuffled deck of cards in few minutes and reproduce them in exact sequence immediately.

4. He can memorize any given long decimal number in a matter of minutes and recall it immediately.

5. He can recall one thousand digits of the exact measured value of pie.( value available easily on net)

6. He can solve 2×2 Rubiks cube in under 30 sec, 3×3 Rubiks cube in less than 90 seconds, mirror cube in less than 3 minutes, 4×4 Rubik’s revenge in under 6 minutes and 5×5 professors cube in few more minutes.

7. He can easily recall names and capitals of all the 197 countries of the world. There must be few people on this earth who can do this but he would love to meet one who can give their population as well as exact area along with their status in the order of population. He has accomplished this also. e. g- the exact area of Australia is 76 lakh 92 thousand and twenty four square km, it’s population in Dec 15, was 2 crore, 37 lakh and 52 thousand with capital city of Canberra. The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa with area of 112090 sq. Km and a population of 85 lakh 39 thousand and 700. He can orally give this info about all the 197 countries in the world.He can :
a) Recall the name of all the 197 countries without repeating a single country.
B) Name the capitals of all the countries.
C) Reproduce the population of any random country or all the countries in forward as well as reverse sequence( order of population)
D) Tell the population and exact area of all the countries in forward or reverse sequence or randomly.

8. He can recall nearly 1400 old, new famous Bollywood film stars, few cricketers, prominent politicians and some comedians birthdays.
Show me the picture of the personality( for demonstration purpose, he has all the pictures) or tell the name – he will give the birth date orally.

9. He can easily recall the dates of all (more than 100) important days celebrated by UN in a year. Name the day and he will give the date.

10. He have memorized the names of my 105 colleagues in the order of seniority of service along with each ones birthday and phone numbers.

He presented his talent in the presence of Honorable Principal Dr B B Sharma. Prof Rajeev quoted that he didn’t have an inborn grasping talent but required this competency by applying techniques for activating the brain grasping ability and learning power. These techniques can be used by any person from the age of 10 to 90 years and enhance learning capacity and this technique is very useful for the students as it will help them in their studies.

Principal Dr B B Sharma quoted“In today’s world, we have become so much dependent on gadgets like mobiles, computers, laptops etc that we have outsourced our memory to these gadgets. That is the reason that we are not able to remember even very few important telephone numbers, what to talk of other things. Our brain is such a great memory device that not even the most advanced Computers can match it. It has a Quintilian bits of memory which is one followed by eighteen zeros. With such a vast capacity to retain information, it has always been the matter of interest to humans that why most of us find it difficult to memorize data required for our day today life.

He further said that our Indian education system is such that you have to memorize a lot of data over a period of time and then reproduce it in a short span of examination to excell in life. It is a proven fact that one who has more information stored in his mind will always be able to analyze better and quicker. This makes him a better decision maker and helps him to grow fast in life. It has been observed that those who are at top in various fields of life have one thing in common which is a good memory, whether they are students or professionals, doctors, advocates or even a businessman. There are so many suicides by the students just out of depression because they are not able to cop up with their studies due to lack of memorization. Now the Point which attracted me to the field of memorization was that there are very few people who are born with a good memory but what about the most of people who do not have this skill.

Prof Kunwar Rajeev quoted “ I want that these techniques should be taught to students at very young age and should be made a part of school curriculum so that we will be able to produce large Number of confident professionals in future. If government wishes so, I can prepare a project to execute all this at micro level through mass level programmes. Finally I would like to say that great memories are not born but are made. Today I can proudly say that I have memorized so much information that I never thought would be possible at least for me, a person with very ordinary memory. The most important thing is that I can guide any willing person to acquire this level of memorization between the age Group of ten to ninety years, if the person is mentally alert, irrespective of his educational background. While applying these techniques to my brain, first I tried to understand the functioning of human brain and the various ways to feed information to the brain. The very first thing I tried was to memorize few important phone numbers of my friends and relatives. I was so excited with the process that I had never imagined that I shall be able to retain more than one thousand phone numbers in my brain. If you give the name of person, I can give the phone Number and if you show me the phone Number, I can name the person also. When I was able to memorize so many phone numbers, I tried to memorize the 1000 digits of exact value of pie, a mathematical constant whose exact value is easily available on net. I can reproduce them easily. If required, I can memorize any Number of digits.
My long pending desire got fulfilled, when I memorized all the 118 elements of periodic Table with their atomic Number. I thought that there must be few persons on this earth who would have done this, which inspired me to go a step further”

Principal Dr B B Sharma chaired the press conference. Prof Sharad Manocha, Prof Manish Khanna PRO, Dr Dinesh Arora, Prof Pankaj Gupta, Prof Rajiv Puri, Prof Vishal Sharma and Prof S K Midda were also present in the Press conference and endorsed the facts.