Tree Plantation Drive by NCC Air Wing

A tree plantation drive was conducted by 1PB AIR SQN NCC Jalandhar on 05-09-2016 on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

“Being one of the most important part of the environment, trees are to be sustained”, says CPL Sunil Kumar Saini.

During this drive, more than 100 tree saplings were planted mainly in DAV College, Jalandhar and various other institutions.

The event was conducted under the command of Wing Commander MS Bhandari , the commanding officer of the unit accompanied by MWO MN Hussain , JWO M Rajbhar , Cpl Sunil Saini , Cpl R Verma. Professor Lalit Goyal, Care Taker of NCC Air wing in the DAV college along with more than 25 cadets took part in this drive very enthusiastically. The cadets, Cdt Gagan, Cdt Robin, Cdt Saurabh lal, Cdt Rajan, Cdt  Keshav, Cdt Shivam, Cdt Rajesh, Cdt Jagdeep, Cdt Simranpreet, Cdt Vidur, Cdt Nitesh, Cdt Gaurav, Cdt Manish, Cdt Saurabh, Cdt Arjan, Cdt Gurpreet, Kunwardeep …. took part in this drive and planted the saplings of the trees at the ground of girl’s common room and IT department.