Teachers Day Celebration by Commerce Forum

Department of Commerce and Commerce Forum of DAV College Jalandhar joined hands with their teachers to celebrate teachers day on 5th September 2016.

On this auspicious occasion students from their deptt wished their teachers by overwhelming their sweet tooth with sweets and thanked them for their hard work and passion for teaching.

On this day poster making competition, card making competition and Slogan making competition were held. More than 70 students of commerce deptt participated in the respective competition. Prof Manish Khanna and Prof Rajeev Puri were the judges for poster making and card making, Prof Rajwant Kaur, Prof Harjot kaur and prof Bhavnagar for slogan writing was part of judgment panel. Winners categorized as 1st,2nd and 3rd, were awarded mementoes by Dr B.B Sharma and commerce forum president Dr Rajwant Kaur.

Prize distribution ceremony was held under anchoring of Madhur Chopra, organized by commerce deptt, where college Principal Dr B.B.Sharma, Vice Principal Prof Vijay Gupta and Vice Principal Prof Sareen were present to give their blessings to the students and acknowledge the hard work of the winners of the various competition held today.

Dr B.B.Sharma during this ceremony stated that the symbiotic relation between teachers and students is from ages ago and is a part of DAV. Talking about teachers he said They are the backbone of any country. They play a pivotal role in development of character and incarnating responsible citizen. They are responsible for formation of a successful student’s future. they strive their best to inculcate the significance of true education in our life. They are our source of motivation and he said with the incredible respect showered upon me I am extremely overwhelmed

Later on Principal Sir, greeted the students and was thankful to commerce deptt for a splendid program. Shubham Sharma gifted his poster to Principal B.B.Sharma as a teachers day gift.

Highlight of the day was, all the students from B.Com wore white upper and black trousers and Students of M.Com wore white upper and blue jeans, in order to give tribute to their lovely teachers.

The whole environment of college was full of joyous, two big charts were hanged outside deptt with teachers pictures on it, accompanied with a big white board where students wrote their wishes to their teachers.

All of the above projects and programs were directed under the Commerce forum president Dr Rajwant Kaur

Chart Making:
First:                Vishal Bahri
Second:           Amanpreet
Third:              Simranjeet and Raghav

Special prizes
Randeep Singh
Deepanshu Sharma
Mallika Gulati

Slogan writing:
First:                Madhur Chopra
Second:           Shivantika
Third:              Simranjeet

Card making
First:                Manpreet kaur
Second:           Shifali
Special prize:  Nikita Suri