Students of BSc Medical, Non Medical and Computer Science welcomed the new students of BSc

Students of BSc Medical, Non Medical and Computer Science welcomed the new students of BSc to the college and department and said ” We welcome you all from the core of our heart.. welcome… Welcome… Welcome”

BSc students organized the fresher’s party “UDAAN” for their juniors at the college’s auditorium where juniors were greeted by seniors and the juniors joy knew no bounds on getting the support of their seniors.

” Ajay ” got the title of Mr. Fresher and ” Rehmanpreet Kaur ” was quoted with Miss Fresher

The event was started with the lightning ceremony by chief guest Vice Principal Prof Vijay Gupta, Prof T D Saini, Prof Satish Kumar, Prof Hemant Kumar followed by saraswati vandana.

Accompanied with the motivational speech of HOD T.D.Saini and Prof Gupta,the fresher’s party was started. With a charismatic voice, Ramandeep of BSc-2 won hearts of many by singing punjabi song.

Enthusiasm was taken to the roof by super energetic bhangra performance.Audience was totally engaged in the program thanks to the games like balloon bursting, paper dance and admirable comparing by Sahil Dubey and Raman.
Eye candy part of the Freshers’ was the modeling round,in which the new comers flaunted their talent.The very own DAV band Hardik took the function to a different level with its performance.
A special bhangra performance was given by both girls and boys to welcome the newcomers in desi way.

Best part of the function was the way it was handled by collaboration of the three deptt of Medical,Non-medocal and Computer sciences.

Newcomers loved the function and thanked their seniors and teachers.

Teachers who have organised :- Prof.TD Saini ( HOD physics ), Prof.Dr Hemant Kumar ,Prof.Dr Satish Kumar ,Prof.Priyanka Grover , Prof.Vijayta Sharma ,Prof Ruchi ,Prof.Swati Chawalia ,Prof Kanika Dua .

Results :
Miss elegant- Muskaan
Miss Charming-Shifali (BSc-med)
Mr Handsome-Sagat (BSc Non-med)
Mr Fresher-Ajay(BSc-Med)
Miss Fresher-Rehmanpreet Kaur (BSc-Med)

Report by
Ananya Singh.
BSc II Year (Economics)