Annual Prize Distribution Function

Honourable Chief Guest His Excellency Dr Acharay Dev Vrat quoted “A human being is truly knowledgeable and educated if he is rich enough with intelligence and Moral ethical values and your behaviour ,norms and attitude is governed by pure ethics”. Only then you are truly educated and Intelligent.

” You (students) are the future of tomorrow and it’s very important for everyone of us to give due consideration towards incorporating moral ethics in our lives , and we should strive to perform every Deed while considering our inner souls voice and following the right path .The most valuable fundamental classroom for any child is under the aegis of his parents , so every parent should strive to become the best preachers by adopting good ethical standards and language , understand the importance of limiting oneself in laxmanrekha .Because watever values to inculcate among your wards , form the base of nation and society building “

– Dr Acharya Dev Vrat (Governor, Himachal Pradesh)

” If you are noble at your character, you will be at peace in your family , if you are peace in your family you will be at peace , calm and composure in your society which in turn will spread the Noble wings of peace and love In the entire country”

– Dr S S Khanna (Vice President, DAVMC, New Delhi)

“12 Gold Medallists, 25 University Toppers, including 28 college colour 354 prizes were distributed among students”

“The award funds of over Rs one lakh was distributed among the students”

At the DAV College auditorium in the College’s Annual Prize Distribution ceremony was held in which the Chief Guest,His Excellency Dr. Acharya Dev Vrat (Governor, Himachal Pradesh) and “Guest of Honour,” Dr.S S. Khanna (Vice President, DAV Management Committee New Delhi) had been given a warm welcoming. Chairman Local Advisory Committee Seth Kundan Lal Aggarwal, Principal Dr. B B Sharma Vice principal Prof Vijay Gupta, Vice Principal Prof. Vijay Sareen , Registrar Dr A K Bhardwaj , Deputy Registrar Dr Kiranjeet Randhawa, local consultant Committee members, prof S K Tuli (Chairman PDF) Staff Secretary Dr Sameer Sharma, Joint Secretary Prof. S K Midda , Public Relations Officer Prof Manish Khanna and many dignitaries arrived at the main gate to honour and showered flowers on the Chief Guest Hon’ble Governor .

Thereafter, Hon’ble Governor and Dr SS Khanna arrived at the stage of the auditorium where college students stood up and greated them. When the chief guest arrived on the stage DAV anthem was sung. Then the Governor and Dr.S S. Khanna with the college seniors indulged in lighting of traditional lamp. After lighting the lamp our college boys performed a welcome song sung in honour of the Governor. 10 students of the college presented the welcome song in a very melodious voice.

Starting off the program, Prof. Sukhdev Singh Randhawa introduces the activities of the College, including the background to the chief guest. He said, DAV College Jalandhar is awarded with the best co-educational college and the college has won the Award of College with potential for
Excellence , and this is a family of 7200 students and 500 teacheing and Nin teaching staff .DAV College has golden history of providing excellent players to our country without any merit list,this would not be possible without our college students. To date, 24 Olympians, 8 Arjuna,2 Dronacharya Awards has been taken by our college students. Late Shri Jagjit Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Diljan, Deepanshu Pandit, Hans Raj and many other artists hold an special place in DAV college.

On the occasion, Principal Dr BB Sharma welcomed everyone highlighting the achievements of the college said that the college had played an important role in improving the socio-economic situation of the society. DAV College is a leading institution among the country’s various colleges. College’s flexible and easy to understand teaching and research understand the diverse needs of individuals and sections of the society. Dr Sharma said that having Prof. Dr.Acharya Dev Vrat between us is making everyone of us feel proud. Principal said that Dr Dev Vrat is a very committed, dedicated and hardworking person.

Principal while addressing the students said,don’t only take this award as ticket to new life, but also a challenge from behalf of the university so you can fight the ills of society. You should see all the big dreams for your country because the future and development depends on the students.

His Excellency Dr Acharya Dev Vrat ji said in his speech that one of the country’s excellent educational institutions of India DAV College invited him and awarded him the respect and affection and he thanked everyone for that.He is feeling very proud after coming here. He is extremely happy with the overall development of the educational institution. He said whatever he is today is just because of Rishi Dayanand Saraswati. If he would not came to Rishi Dayanand and shelter of Arya Samaj he wouldnot be on the position on which he is today.While addressing boys and girls students, Dr. Dev Vrat Acharya said student’s innovation, capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit will be helpful in development and growth of the country. Dr. Debabrata said that without moral values it is impossible for an individual to survive, moral values and religion makes the character of a person. In other words, following of ethics and moral values is very important. Wherever you go, how much success you had earned, always remember your country,your family and remember the teachings given to you by your parents. Dr Acharya said to the students that, students should continue to work hard, only by working hard you can do something on the global level. At last the chief guest congratulated the awardees and blessed them for their bright future.

Shri Kundan Lal Sggarwal and Principal Dr B B Sharma honoured His Excellency Dr AcharayA Devrat and eminent Guest of Honour Dr S S Khanna with a token of Gratitude – a souvenir.

College E M A’s department performed a cultural program.

The operations of the stage were done by Prof. S K Tuli, Chairman of Prize distribution committee. Prof Tuli at the occasion of Prize distribution function quoted “an occasion like prize distribution is a very challenging occasion and it’s success totally depends on the stern cooperation and integration among the colleagues. For the successful completion of the prize distribution I want to recognise the unmatchable efforts of my working committee Prof.Rajesh Prasher, Prof S.K. Midha, Prof Vipin Jhanji, Prof Sonika Parmar,Prof. Ashok Kapoor,Prof.Rajiv Puri (comm), Prof.Nitin Bhatia, Prof. Rajiv Puri (c/sc),Prof.Punit puri, Dr. Deepak Wadhawan, Dr. Komal Arora,

Dr. Samir Sharma,Staff Secretary presented thanks at the end of the program.

Specially invited Principal Manoj Kumar, Prof Raj Kumar, Principal Rajesh, Principal Sanjeev Sharma, Principal Anoop Vats, Principal Ajay Sareen, Principal C L Kochar, Principal M L Very, Principal Inderjeet Talwar, Principal Navjot Kaur
and the entire College staff was involved in the event.

Gold medallist students:

Aakriti Sharma (MSC, chemistry), Akansha Khosla (MSC Zoology), Om Prakash (M. A. Sanskrit), Manpreet Rajpal (M. A. Economics), Priyanka Taneja (M-Com), Amritpal (BA Hons, Geography) , Prabhjot Kaur(MSc chemistry), Shilpa Sharma (MA Sanskrit), Sania Monga (M SC Physics), Surbhi Rana (MSc Zoology) Ritika Kathpal (BFST), Sakshi Miglani (B com)
The college’s highest award, the “College Colors” winning students:

The Naval NCC Wing: Dineshwar, Puneet, Surender Pal Singh

NCC Army Wing Vijay calls, Kuldeep Kumar, Anil Kumar, Deepak Kumar, Rohit, Fatehjeet Singh Verma Ekta, Komal, Abhishek Rana, Sandeep Singh, Manpreet, Harinder Singh

NCC Air Wing: Khusdeep Jassi, Shivam Yadav, Pankaj Sharma, Pallavi Sharma, Monica, Gagandeep Verma, Robin Duvedi, Amarinder Singh

E M A:
Sukhnandan Kaur (Dance) Devendra Jeet Singh (Bhangra), Gagandeep Singh (Bhangra), Ajit Kumar (Play), Harsimran Singh (Play)


ANSS Volunteers:

Shailesh Pandey, Deepak Verma, Hemant Kumar, Gurkirat Kaur, Ananya Singh, Roma

General Prize:

Jaskarn Singh (Best Proctor-boys), Sakshi Singla (Best Proctor-girls) Pankaj Sharma (Best Social Worker- boys), Pratibha Chauhan (Best Social Worker- girls), Rishab Sharma (Best Resident Scholar)

Republic Day Parade Participants and a cash reward of Rs 6,000 winning students

Gagandeep Verma, Robin Duvedi, Amarinder Singh, Kuldeep Singh, Anil Kumar, Deepak Kumar, Fatehjeet Singh, Harendra Singh, Abhishek Rana, Sandeep Singh, Manpreet Singh