Webinar on Grow, Engage, and Measure your Audience with Facebook Tools

The department of computer science organised a webinar in collaboration with the Facebook on 30-Aug-2016 on the topic – “Grow, Engage, and Measure your Audience with Facebook Tools”. Mr. Sarim Aziz, Strategic Product Partnerships Manager, Facebook was the guest speaker. More than 50 students from under graduate and post graduate classes attended the webinar.  Sarim started with giving an
overview of Facebook developer platform. He briefly explained  about the key developer tools such as Facebook Login, Account Kit, Sharing, Facebook App Ads and Facebook Analytics for Apps. Sarin told that it’s easy to develop and distribute the apps, but the audience retention is the most challenging task. The developers continuously need to know about the customer/audience behaviour. Starting from customer signup to content delivery and user engagement, everything can now be managed by the free tools provided by Facebook. He told that most of the organisations saw an increase of 33% in their customers base after shifting to Facebook tools. Some Indian as well foreign
partner examples and success stories were also discussed.
The webinar concluded with QA session, in which the participants queries were answered by the guest speaker.
Prof. Nischay Bahl (Head), Prof. Rajeev Puri (President IT Forum) , Prof. Vishal Sharma, Prof. Nitin Bhatia, Prof. Sangeet Arora, Prof. Nancy Verma, Prof. Namrata, Prof. Cheena , Prof. Ritika Sobti, Prof. Ritika Malhotra and other staff members also attended the webinar. Prof. Rajeev Puri also encouraged the students to actively involve in app developments. In the end, a vote of thanks was expressed to all organisers, staff members and participants.