Girls Hostel of the College initiated planting of various saplings

While exemplifying the significance of to sustain the ecosystem, we need to preserve our trees, and in order to purify the environment, Girls Hostel of the College initiated planting of various saplings and planted, “Guava, Almond, Mango, Pomegranate” etc in the College hostel.
College Paramount Dr. B.B. Sharma on acknowledging this profound eco work of students from the girls hostel under the Van Mahotsav theme “Save trees save environment” and said, “these saplings desire nothing except water and sunlight even which is given by the almighty. They never go for any craving but always for sharing their immense plethora of flowers, fruits and most importantly life supporting oxygen because of which we are relishing the nature and our breath.” Further he mentioned that every student must plant 10 saplings around its surroundings and must serve them also.
Various ornamental and other saplings were planted and Dr B B Sharma duly appreciated the great work as it’s the due need of hour to plant big trees so as to make the environment clean and green
Principal Dr B B Sharma while addressing students of girl hostel quoted we should learn from the trees, trees spend their entire life in serving others lives, and on the contrary humans just for few personal greed cut them down rigorously and have created big problems for ourselves. The dire effects are really worrying and scary. The el-nino effect, the landslides, floods, draughts etc and other disasters and their frequent occurrence have made us realize the mistake we have committed. This is the reason now the entire country is propagating stoppage of deforestation and aim entirely towards planting more and more trees for sustainable development .
Along with the students and staff, Chief Warden Prof T D Saini, Prof Lakhbir Singh, Warden Madam Rumila Verma and Mrs Renu Mahajan were also present.