DAV College achieved great heights of success as in the University results

The University results of Commerce Department of DAV College remained outstanding.
DAV College secured 4 positions in the merit list of the Guru Nanak Dev University examination.
“Sakshi Miglani got first position in the university”
A brilliant student of Mcom semester 2 “Sakshi Miglani” stood 1st in the university and scored 866/1100. she had earlier attained 4 th position in the university and she decided to remain focused since the starting and she thanked her teachers and family and attributed her success to classroom learning, self study and the support rendered to her by her family and she gave credit to her sheer dedication and determination. She expressed her sense of gratitude for her teachers and family for thier unconditional support, and she wants to become a professor .
“Neha Miglani” stood 5th in university and scored 855/1100 and quoted concentration, hard-work and following advices of teachers and parents are key to success. She wants to pursue the research field and become a professor.
“Kritika stood 8th in the university by scoring 853/1100, and she said concentration, hard work, advices by the teachers and parents are the essence to success. She attributed her success to her teachers, family, concentration and regular studies. She wants to pursue teaching profession in the college itself
“Sakshi Harsh” secured 12th position in the university by scoring 845/1100 exclaimed her sense of gratitude for her teachers and her family and quoted that hardwork and loyalty for oneself are the biggest success mantras.
Principal DR B B Sharma congratulated the meritorious students and on their outstanding success along with appreciating and congratulating the HOD of Commerce department Prof Vijay Gupta, Prof Vijay sareen and other members of the department.
Principal Dr BB sharma quoted “I am happy enough to see the dedication of these students, and they are undoubtedly a source of inspiration for the rest . I wish and congratulate the entire department for these great results. Rest I want to quote to all my kids from the college that strive to become an all rounder so as to excel in every phase of life”