Students of JMC deptt produced a short movie “Changyada”

DAV College Jalandhar produces versatile personalities , who not only excel in the academic field but also bring laurels to the college in innovative tasks like short film making and documentaries .

The shining stars from the Journalism and Mass Communication department of DAV College Jalandhar , have done an exemplary task by producing a short movie named "'CHANGYADA"" , and have made the college proud again .

The story has been written & directed by Bhupinderjit Singh (Bajmc part 1) with assistant director Ankush Kumar. Director of photography is Harsimran Singh,Bhupinderjit Singh and enacted beautifully by Janvi Chalana,Palwinder Kaur , Gurkirat Kaur. Edited by Bhupinderjit Singh. The epic dualogue delivery was done by Gurkirat Kaur.

The story has been uploaded at the YouTube channel , and this beautiful story deals with the facet of ruining expectaions and flickering emotions in the light of others opinions about us .This short movie is based on that how one uses the emotions to ruins ones life, and we make ourself suppressed by others opinions and spoil our life . It give the golden lesson that we should not ruin our life by pondering upon others and thier opinions about us , rather we need to reinstate trust in ourself and live on life happily.

We see that many families dont allow their kids to do what they want because of fanatic criticism from the society . So through this movie they gave a lesson to our society that we should not spoil our life by listening others. Be confident and help yourself and do whatever you like without bothering about the world .

The director quoted "This beautiful short movie is the result of the sheer hardwork and commitment of the actors and the never ending cooperation from the Bjmc department. Our bajmc department supported us we have done this because of teachers without their support we was not able to do this speical thanks to our HOD Prof Meenakshi Mohan , Jyoti sir , Preety ma'am , Arun sir & Payal ma'am"

Principal Dr B B sharma quoted " In today's era when one has to face the breaking expectations and has to go through a phase of depression and darkness , this excellent short film is an exclusive incredible inspiration for those innocent people , it's a ray of hope and a silver lining in the lives of everyone . I feel immensely proud at this achievement and bles them for more suc laurels "