Two day National Seminar on Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

DAV College Jalandhar organised Two day National Seminar on Teaching, Learning and Evaluation .

"If India is to become a superpower by 2020 , then it has a dire need of Educated and literate workers , and they are needed in large numbers and for this there is a stern need of Alterations and formulations of new policies and procedures in the field of higher education. We should strive to become self-learners"
– Principal Dr. B B Sharma

"Connect your hearts with your minds, your IQ with Your EQ diligently , and it would definitely upgrade the quality of your life , and don't look up for the results , Just concentrate on your deeds"
– Dr. Shirish Chindhade

"We teach , but do they learn ? Education is useless without learning – teachers need to understand their roles and inculcate learning process habits among them and make them social, don't only distribute mere facts and information, but Make them intelligent enough"

-Dr. Shirish Chindhade

Under The Aegis of IQAC , a 2-day national seminar on Teaching , Learning Ana Evaluation was organised under the sponsorship of NAAC , Bengaluru . The chief guest at the occasion was Vice Chancellor Dav university Dr. AK Kaul , and Keynote speaker at the occasion was Renowned Author and Principal Dr. Shirish Chindhade . Under the stewardship of Principal Dr. B B Sharma , the conference was managed by Prof Sharad Manocha and Prof Sonika .

Principal Dr. BB Sharma , Prof Sharad Manocha , Prof Sonika , Prof Satish Tandon , Prof K K Ghai , Dr. Ashwani Sharma and Prof Dinesh Arora gave a warm hearty welcome to all the dignitaries .

Principal Dr. BB Sharma at this occasion gave a heart warming welcome to all the renowned persons and Introduced them to the audience and quoted "today's seminar has been organised on Teaching , learning and Evaluation , but my personal Request to the NAAC is to introduce the element or aspect of thinking too in it . The main aim of this conference is to bring under one roof all the academicians , Faculty members , policy makers so as to improve the quality of higher education and upgrade their standards . So as to upgrade it's level , there is a dire need to integrate technology along with the books and textual knowledge . But every change starts with changing our own self , We need to go through self-introspection , and change yourself , and only then we will become learnt and educated in the true sense. Through this conference we will come to know about the benchmarks of best practices being followed in the profession of teaching , and we need to adopt them into practice so as to upgrade the standards of education in our country . He made everyone realise that We need to raise voice to bring about the change , the educators need to be more informative , constructive and strive to make students more social and ethically valuable " .

Dr. AK Kaul (Vice Chancellor , Dav University , Jalandhar ) quoted "I feel honoured enough to be given a chance of being a part of this great event and for a sound educational system he talked about 3 major forums : 
1) policy design and sound internal quality 
2) enhance the level of Course content And syllabi being formulated at department level 
3) teachers should help to learn and innovate so as to make the students learn in a more detailed way .
Change is required at institutional level So as to uphold the integrity the Indian education system .

Keynote speaker Renowned Dr Shirish Chindhade (scholar , author and principal , Pune ) made the concept lucid through his power point presentation . He quoted " we need to look into ourselves first that how much Educated we are even after gaining so many degrees ? ! He told leaving parents back in old age home and living your life lavishly , does reveal the poor educational and mental standards one possesses . Being educated does not mean gaining first university position or what not ! True education is how authentic and how valuable you are , as a human being ! If you are curious for helping others ,if you think good for others rather than being selfish , you should be proudly Educated . Today is the era of technology , where writing habits are vanishing away , but still books are bound to remain our best friends . Simple knowing is not enough ! You need to learn things . Because when you learn ,it brings about a permanent change in your character , which serves for your good in the long run . 
True education imbibes within oneself a true sense of honesty , cooperation and compassion and makes one dynamic to adjust through changing scenarios . But it's a thing of deep grief that we all are running recklessly after marks and want to become successful with shortcuts , instead of becoming truly capable ! More than intelligence quotient and emotional quotient , moral ethics and values are much more important , but how many of the institutions are making their students learn all this ?! 
Becoming a professor is not a big thing , whats more important that for how many do you become a turning point in life ? For how many do you become an ideal . We need to adjust our self towards this paradigm shift . Stopping any student from questioning , hampers their development . The syllabus being decided is framed without any strict rules and there is no framework in our education system . But the question arises till when !!!

Dr. Shirish further quoted that the level or standard of our higher education system is not adequate enough and it needs strict amendments or be ready for the results ! As per the report of UNESCO, we are among the last 15 in the field of education .The government has made a list of all those institutions who have failed to fulfill those standards . It's a matter of bad luck for us that we are unable to uplift the standards of education in our country so it's natural on the part of people to go abroad for higher education , which is creating a void in our country.


After this teachers from various colleges, presented their papers.