Dr Ashwani sharma retired from the college after his glorious services of 40 years

"Many good karmas of many lives , get accumulated ..then someone becomes a teacher " – quoted Dr Ashwani Sharma (Professor , political science department) at the occasion of his retirement from the college after his glorious services of 40 years.

"I am like a fish , for which this college is like it's lifeline -the water"

– Dr Ashwini Sharma

"I will always remain thankful to Dr Ashwini Sharma – a man of great ideologies and valueable ethics and Someone who has worked dedicatedly for the up gradation of education"

-Principal Dr B B Sharma

"I have received much more from my Alma mater- DAV College Jalandhar , than what I have given to it"

– Dr Ashwani Sharma

Dr Ashwani Sharma after his long glorious services of 40 years got retired as a professor in the Political science department , from Dav college jalandhar .Dr Ashwani Sharma who is MA in history , political science , MPhil and PHD at his retirement quoted " I pursued this profession not by chance , but by choice , I am made for this " .

Principal Dr B B Sharma, Vice-Principal Prof V K Sareen , Seth Kundan Lal Aggarwal , Staff Secretary Dr Sanjeev Dhawan , Prof Ashok Khurana, Dr B B Sharma (Political science department HOD) And Prof Anurag Sharma honoured Dr Ashwani Sharma by giving him a souvenir .Ashwani Sharma by giving him a souvenir .

Principal Dr B B sharma at this occasion quoted and addressed Dr Ashwini sharma as Idealist Person and told how close he has been to his heart , and the fact of his retirement has turned me numb . Being a man of perfection and great ideologies , he has worked consistently for the uplifting of education and he has been humble enough to the colleagues and his students . His sense of punctuality , consistency , dedication and honesty towards his job will forever motivate us . During the NAAC accreditation , contributions by Dr Ashwani sharma have been incredible and awesome ."

While sharing his beautiful divine and incredible life on the occasion of his retirement, Dr Ashwani expressed his views and quoted "the peace , contentment I have received as a teacher , I could not receive anywhere , being in the civil services or being a part of media . In the outside world beyond the strong walls of my college I am just like a " fish without water " . God has incarnated everyone for a certain exclusive task , and I personally believe I am here to serve the society as a nation builder".
Further so beautifully he summarised his principle of life " we should do every task as our last task , with sheer commitment , sincerity and dedication. We need to believe in ourself as a film actor where we ought to give the best performance to every film shot without any editing , retake or cuts " .

Further he said " whatever I am today it's because of my father and my alma mater . 42 years of association with this college , and I have not only taught here , but learnt a lot too . I learnt the meaning of living a true contented life from Dav college jalandhar and I satisfactorily discharged my duties as a teacher and feel really lucky to be a professor of the same college I was a student off , and being a colleague to the same faculty who taught me as a student . He said,perhaps the teaching profession is the only profession in the current scenario where one can uphold ones sovereignty and dignity intact .while pursuing this profession one can keep their slate clean and contribute constructively to the society , so as to answer the master in the skies with pride and dignity " .

Further, he quoted " I have gone through various eternal evolutions and I am really grateful and have a deep sense of gratitude for my father who is the sole source of my deep energy , motivation . He has always been motivating me through his presence and has forever captured my mind and heart ".

At the end he quoted " though I am retiring , but Dav college jalandhar has a permanent place in the deepest corner of my heart ".

Dr Manu Sood(President, Local unit), Prof Manoj Kumar( Secretary) honoured Dr Ashwani Sharma on behalf of the Union and Dr Vijay Kumari Gupta and Dr Usha Uppal honoured Mrs Kusum Sharma (Dr Ashwani's wife)

Dr B B sharma (HOD political science department) quoted "Dr Ashwani sharma has been the pride of our department from the past 4 decades , he is down to earth person and a man of ethics and morals . We need to learn how to be a good person from him and I am literally falling short of words on his appreciation .His retirement is bound to create a vacuum in our college , but his ideologies will keep motivating us forever .

The vote of thanks was presented by Staff Secretary Dr Sanjeev Dhawan