Honoured the cadets of the College who participated in the RD parade at the Raj Path

"DAV College honoured the 5 cadets of the College who participated in the Republic day parade at the Raj Path"

" It is a matter of great prestige for our Dav college Jalandhar to make it possible to represent the college at the Republic day parade "

-Principal Dr B B Sharma

Since 2014, NCC cadets from DAV College has been participating in the 26 January Republic Day parade and this year parade witnessed 10 NCC Cadets from Jalandhar out of which 5 were from DAV College Jalandhar later on accoladed by DAV College.

Five candidates from DAV College were chosen for Republic Day parade in the national capital. This is thrice in a row when cadets from college paid salutations to tricolor and Prime Minister at Red Fort. Earlier in 2015 also, five cadets were elected for Republic Day Parade. College students from M.Sc. Gaga deep Verma (Air wing), Manpreet Singh (Army wing), Fatehjeet Singh (Army wing), Abhishek Rana and Harinder Singh (Army wing) were chosen for this honor. Apart from this, Komal (NCC army wing) also participated in the PM Bhangra rally.

Under the pilotage of NCC Officer Major S.K.Tuli, Captain Sameer Sharma (Air wing), Squadron Leader A.K.Trivedi, these cadets proudly manifested the name of their city. On this splendid moment, Principal accoladed the cadets and wished for their brighter future

Principal Dr. B.B.Sharma quoted in this moment," whenever it comes to our country or its honor, our head spirits high. This is par excellence for us that our college concurs in Republic Day parade. Such events provide awareness and affection for our nation. In present day world where most of youth want to flee to abroad , but on the contrary our Ncc cadets , and armed forces personnel have always dedicated their lives for their country . I convey my heartfelt wishes to the cadets and their stewards ,who made it possible for them to be a part of such a prestige parade . And I am sure Dav flags would keep flying high like this m

Squarden leader Prof A K Trivedi quoted "To participate particularly in the Republic day parade is a matter of immense pleasure , glory and prestige , and it rekindles the fire of patriotism and love for ones country . Our college from the past 3 years has been a part of the parade and making the institution proud .

Major Prof S K Tuli told about their entire selection process , and how constructive approach is used to select those candidates . Their selection starts in September , competing at college level , then inter-battalion and then at inter-directorate level until the final selection , 13 camps ranging from 10-20 days are conducted to get the 144 best .And it's a matter of pride that out of 10 Jalandhar cadets , 5 were from Dav college, Jalandhar.

Captain Dr Samir Sharma quoted " though every year our cadets join the Raj path , but this time 5 cadets joined , which is a matter of immense glory .

Cadets told how it was a matter of prestige for them and getting recognized from the college , we feel really good, happy and honored.