Shruti Aggarawal stood Second in the University

DAV College again excelled exclusively in the University results . In the BSc semester one (medical) , Shruti Aggarawal stood Second in the University

The DAV College's Science department result remained outstanding , where they occupied second University position. A brilliant student "Shruti Aggarwal " scored 335 /400 and stood Second in the university .Shruti quoted "I have a heart full of gratitude for my parents and teachers for their everlasting motivation .Whatever I am , or will be I owe it to them . Smart work is what I did . I want to become an associate professor in future, we should be stern and committed for our goal ".

Principal Dr B B Sharma , Vice-Principal Prof Vijay Gupta , Vice Principal Prof V K Sareen congratulated the meritorious students for their brilliant performance and congratulated Registrar & Head of department Prof A K Bhardwaj (Chemistry) Head of the department Prof Karuna Mittal (Zoology) Head of the department Dr Komal Arora (Botany), Prof Punit Puri and other faculty members