1052 Students got their degrees during Convocation

"Making Graduates and Post Graduates more employable is the new mantra of educational institutions . We have a long way to go and an interdisciplinary approach would be essential to its success, and DAV college Jalandhar is very successfully incorporating this principle "

– IAS Shri Hardeep Kumar

"We all have to understand the crucial role of higher education in upgrading the capabilities of individuals and institutions , which are vital to national development and modernisation "

– IAS Shri Hardeep Kumar

"Do something so exclusive , that your deeds speak even in your absence"

– Principal Dr B B Sharma

"It has always been my priority to invite and engage academicians and bureaucrats , and today's IAS Mr Hardeep Kumar's esteemed presence has made all of us proud "

– Principal Dr B B Sharma

"Don't consider this degree as a ticket for your new life , consider it as an open challenge from the university to improve the existing evils of the society "

– Principal Dr B B Sharma

DAV College Professor Dr Atul Bhalla was honoured for his research work and his Doctorate philosophy.

DAV College Jalandhar organised the Annual Convocation where IAS Hardeep Kumar (Vice Chancellor Kurukshetra University , and Additional Chief Secretary to Haryana Government was the honourable Chief Guest at the occasion.

He was warmly welcomed by President of local committee Shri Kundan lal Aggarwal , Principal Dr B B Sharma , Vice principal Prof Vijay Gupta, Vice Principal Prof V K Sareen, Registrar Prof A K Bhardwaj, Deputy Registrar Dr Kirajit Randhawa, Bursar Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Staff Secretary Dr Sanjeev Dhawan , Joint Staff Secretary and PRO Prof Manish Khanna .

A total of 1052 students got their degrees , out of which around 450 were commerce scholars .

Chief guest was welcomed very warmly in the college premises , after which he was welcomed in the principal's office .After it he was welcomed in the college auditorium , where the teachers and academicians welcomed him with a standing applause .

The event started with the Saraswati vandana and Lamp lighting ceremony followed by the beautiful floral welcome of Chief guest IAS Hardeep Kumar by the principal Dr B B Sharma.

DAV College Jalandhar Principal Dr. B.B.Sharma voiced," It is a matter of pleasure to have these venerated dignitaries with us. As far as DAV College is concerned, it has been NAAC re-accredited, and have a family of 7200 students and faculty of 500 teachers. No merit list is complete without DAV College.DAV College holds a golden history of giving sports personalities to the nation. Till date, it has given 18 Olympians , 8 Arjuna awardees, 2 dronacharya awardees and thousands of other distinguished Indians.Heavenly Sh. Jagjit Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Diljaan,Narinder Pandit, Hana raj Hans are some of exemplary artists who are proud products of DAV College.

Addressing the students he said," Do not consider this as a ticket to your new life, this is a ticket given by university to challenge the social evils residing in our society to be depleted by the power of the youth. You must cherish and live your dreams and dreams of your country."

IAS Hardeep Kumar at the commencement of his convocation address quoted " At the outset , I feel privileged to deliver the convocation address st the-Convocation of DAV College, Jalandhar". At this occasion chief guest IAS Hardeep Kumar quoted " Let me begin by extending my heartiest congratulations and good wishes to all the young graduates, who have by dint of their hard work, earned degrees, medals and prizes. Dear friends, it is day of celebration for you and your teachers who have played a key role in your education. Please remember that your success today follows years of patience, support and love of your parents and families and the dedication and commitment of your faculty. They too participate in your success and glory and deservedly feel elated at your achievement.

He added, DAV College Jalandhar traces its roots to the legacy that has been reforming and redefining India's educational scenario for 98 years when the college was first established in 1918. As one of the amongst 780 educational institutions under DAV Managing Committee,New Delhi, this college has grown into a " Leading Academic Centre" of this region, in the last 98 years. Guided by the missionary zeal and visionary approach of its founding fathers, the college is in fact consistently evilving , impriving ,improving and updating itself to face the challenges of a swiftly changing world environment. It believes in adjusting the existing educational systems into a system that is universal and holistic.

Further he quoted, I have been told that the list of alumni of this college is illustrious and glorified. The renowned Ghazal Maestro Jagjit Singh, noted Bollywood singer Sulhwinder Singh, famous Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans, Sharat Sabharwal,Indian ambassador to Pakistan, present vice chancellors of Guru Nanak Dev University. About education, he said, Education is the backbone of a sustainable economy. Education is highly correlated to economic productivity, technological advancement, higher income, alleviation of property, and most significantly, the elevation of equality and quality of life in general. We all have to understand the crucial role of higher education in upgrading the capabilities of individuals and institutions, which are vital to national development and modernization.

Finally, while concluding his convocation address he said, I would like to say that innovative India of the future must be impassionate. Once again my sincerest congratulations to all the students having received their degrees awards today and all the best wishes for your alma mater to attain greater heights".

After this the students were distributed degrees and at the end with the national anthem , the convocation ceremony ended .