Extension Lecture by Physics Association

Under the aegis of Physics Association of DAV College, Jalandhar an extension lecture was organized . Dr. Atul Bhalla, President of the Association introduced to the students, the chief guest Sh. Rajeev Dhawan (Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Radiology, Govt. medical College, Amritsar) and the topic” Role of Physics in the Medical Science”. Principal B B Sharma encouraged students to use knowledge of Physics to the Applied Sciences too. Prof. T D Saini, Head of dept. welcomed the guests.

Sh. Rajeev Dhawan discussed the role of Physics behind the techniques used in the medical science, starting from x-ray imaging to right up to the CAT, MRI and many more techniques which are being used in health arena to diagnose the patients suffering from many diseases. He also discussed the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy techniques used to cure/kill the cancer cells in the human body. He gave insight of the radiation dose to be given, absorbed dose by patients and TLD and pocket dosimeters being used. The safe handling and shielding measures taken by the lab staff, radiologists and others in high energy radiation zones treating the patients were also discussed. He threw some light on role of BARC in dealing with the safety and protection of radiation sources also. Students asked many questions to the speaker and enjoyed the talk.

After the interactive session, Prof. K Rajeev gave a vote of thanks to the concerned. He also, requested the chief guest to guide our students about job opportunities in the field of radiology, which were well received by our post graduate students.