Hawan Yajna

With the pious Hawan Yajna, the new session -2016 was peacefully commenced in DAV College Jalandhar.

"Success is not a option or alternative , rather its a passion to be pursued rigorously with stern commitment" quoted Principal Dr B B Sharma while giving his coardial best wishes to the students at the commencement of the new session.

Following the great glorious culture depicting the principle of " O God, lead us from the untruth to the truth from darkness to light from death to immortality.” DAV commenced its new year session in its most spectacular manner ,as always . During this ,the family commenced the new session by showering the sweet prayers at the Hawan Yajna .

Principal Dr B B Sharma initially gave his heartfelt wishes to the students and them imparted knowledge about the rules and regulations governing The Arya Samaj and The Dav college institution and inspired the students to work with stern commitment and perseverance.

He quoted "Following and pursuing Arya Samaj principles , Rituals etc , connects us extensively to life and leads us to the desired path of self fulfillement " . Arya Samaj has been contributing a lot to education and by incorporating the Vedas in our life we can experience the eternal happiness , pleasure and respect.

While inaugurating the new session Dr B B Sharma quoted "the students need to coin our their goals well in advance , and with smartness and good hard work they should strive towards accomplishment of the goals" Further he told how DAV is providing the education at its best , to all the able students who deserve such a quality education . The college organises such educational programmes which are often student centered , which enhances thier academic proficiency.

Principal Dr B B Sharma further quoted how well organised and delligent is the DAV staff , who are always present for all the support and assistance to thier students and they all ensure with proper compliance that each student achieves the goal of academic proficiency and they become ever challenging professionals , curious hardworking humans and productive researchers ".

In the end he gave his heartiest welcome to the entire DAV family in the new session -2016 and quoted " I have the pleasure to congractulate you all to be an integral part of our family , where success is not an option -its a passion to be pursued -a priority to be achieved "