Blood Donation Camp organised on National Youth Day

On the event of National Youth day-2016 ,A blood donation camp was organised in DAV College premises by the NGO "Pahal" in collaboration with NSS wing of the college , along with assistance of Commerce forum today.

The main aim behind this honourous blood donation camp was "holistic development and social welfare".

At the occasion Principal Dr B B Sharma shared his personal experience of how overwhelmed he felt on donating blood to some one in need , and quoted " the feeling of saving someone's life with our own blood is a feeling of intense pleasure and contentment , and undoubtedly Bllod donation is the noblest of all donations " .

Prof Lakhbir Singh (President PAHAL) quoted "donating blood you don't only save others life but also its a boon for those who want to keep nurturing thier body by circulating thier blood among others -its a universal task of gifting life to everyone ".

A total of 100 students donated blood In the camp .

At the occasion Principal Dr B B Sharma, Prof Lakhbir (President , NGO PAHAL) , Dr Rajwant Kaur(President commerce forum) , PRO Prof Manish Khanna , Prof Rajiv Sharma were present to grace the occasion