Alumni Meet 2015

“Cloud can hide the beautiful moon but it fails to strain away the light it spreads to the entire universe !
We can forget every one but not you”

Accept our bows full of respect and gratitude on the auspicious occasion of this beautiful eve.

“The students remembered their favourite gurus like Prof PN Kapoor , Prof Gulshan ,Prof Kartar Singh , Prof CL Arora , Prof PD Chaudhary , Prof SP Malhotra , Prof BS Behl , Prof AJ Behl , Prof CJ Behl , Prof Chander Mohan Juneja , Prof Talwar , Prof MM khanna , Prof Bansi lal , Prof VK kohli , Prof JP Jain , Prof Ved Agnihotri ,Prof RK Prashar , Prof Ram , Prof DK Sood , Prof PK ghai and Prof HK tandon and thier teaching styles and philosophies”

The most prestigious institution in the city DAV College Jalandhar established in 1918 , which now holds a strength of 7000 + students , experienced a new environment on the Saturday evening . Along with wrinkled faces , famous doctors and medical specialists , engineers , professors ,entrepreneurs found their way back to their college to meet their old friends and ones they came across the changed faces – but ones they recognized each other , tons of emotions governed their hearts and minds .

The pride of the city – DAV College Jalandhar organised its alumni meet-2015 at a very grand level . At this occasion , at the beautiful evening all the alumni’s till 2011 batch made their way back to their college to enjoy a glimpse of their youth , and the way they met their old pals by tight passionate hugs turned everyone emotional .

All the old students were in their exclusive shades and colors -driving away the dire fact of growing old and became a young student again. They revived and rejenuvated their old memories and moments with their old friends and lit up their faces with the beautiful divine smiles and later on they shared their post college life events and introduced others to their families .

The Guests of honour at the occasion organised in the college premises and the auditorium was Shri KK Vohra (ED RBI),Shri Ishwar (IGP , Amritsar ), Shri Abhishek Gupta (MD, SBI), Shri Hans Raj Hans, Shri Iqbal Preet Singh (ADGP, Chandigarh), Shri KD Bhandari (Chief Parliament Secretary), Shri Avinash Chandra (Parliament secretary), Senior Deputy Mayor Shri Kanwaljeet Bhatia, Shri Shital Vij, Diljaan and other members from DAV Managing Committee who were all welcomed warmly by Director Colleges DAV CMC New Delhi Dr. Satish K  Sharma , Secretary DAVMC New Delhi Shri Arvind Gai, Seth Kundal Lal Aggarwal,Principal Dr B B Sharma and Dr Poonam Sharma Dean Alumni

Principal Dr B B Sharma gave an official welcome to the revered dignitaries present and quoted “this is what the essence of being a DAvian is .. I too belong to this college and I can totally correlated with your feelings
You are going through at this point of time . I welcome you all to your own home and I hope that this small token of love organised by our organisers will give you lifelong memories and rejunivate your old broken connections with your college and old pals ” .

More than 200 alumnus from various frontiers graced the college. After so many years and revival of college life and friends made them ecstatic. Someone kissed their classroom bench or some had continuous worshipping glance of college. Meet with Old yet evergreen friends moistened their eyes. After many years reunion, it was a moment of ‘share, relish and cherish’. In the company of friends if there were tears of joy then also there were pranks too. The Alumni meet witnessed the college experience of their alumnus students. Humour was in the air so does the huge laughters on the fond memories of those unforgettable days. The former disciples shared their experiences and even rejuvenated their classroom life where they learnt to shape their dreams. This celebration of milennia stretched till saturday midnight.

The revered guests were taken on cruise to food science technology department, commerce and management departments and the newly built ‘Inder Narayan Saraswati Bhagat Block’. View of paramount of College ‘Hall Of Fame’ made everyone wonderstruck.

Chief guest “Shri Sarvesh Kaushal” Chief Secretary, Government of Punjab also didn’t miss his chance. He said that he also believes in alumni principle. He quoted this event is historical in itself and shared his invaluable experiences of being a DAVian . He quoted “I have been here after I left the college in 1979 to receive the awards and mementos , but I feel like being a kid again and sit and enjoy the function as a part of the audience” .

He further talked about the paradigm shift that has taken place with girls soaring high in the sky in every field specially education , and when I was a part of the college , girls were only in PG Courses and that too in a very low ratio . But now girls have out rated boys and are Shining like stars , which gives me immense pleasure .
And he quoted how DAV has been a hub for true education leading to overall development of their students ” .

Every alumni present acknowledged the fact that DAV is continuing and carrying forward the old mission of imparting true education and serving the nation in true sense and producing Skillful Citizens .