“I look forward to a skillful , competent and a disciplined youth – the future of the nation …….”

Prof Vijay Kumar sareen – the powerhouse of exemplary knowledge and a benevolent personality who lives the ambition of instilling the technical & specialised skills along with the pure abstract knowledge in the young nurtured minds has been appointed as the new Vice Principal of DAV College jalandhar after the retirement of ex Vice Principal Dr Ravi Manuja .

Since 3.5 decades Prof Sareen has been serving DAV College jalandhar , with his charismatic qualities he has been a role model for the college scholars .

The views of our esteemed Vice Principal are like the sunrays – so exhilarating and edifying
“I always strived to be a successful nation builder and brighten up the career paths of the students in a professional and skillful manner , so that in whichever sector they go in their careers , they reach the zeniths”

His philosophy of being a great teacher is not only instilling in his students the abstract theoretical knowledge but to enhance and develop their skills and make them more sensible and competitive .
His philosophy of life is to develop a dynamic optimistic personality and to gain knowledge from wherever he gets a golden opportunity .

He has served DAV for 35 years now and shares an inexplicable bond with the institution .He joined the college in July 1980 and has written many books on Indirect tax laws , Mercantile ,labour , industrial laws , corporate legal environment which are read through out the country . Presently he is the registrar and has been a member of GNDU’s Senate board of studies and faculty of business , member of dav’s infrastructure committee , green belt committee , library committee , in charge scholarship and he is also a member of CS advisory board and member of ISSAC’ s advisory board and member of confederation of Indian industry’s (CII) economic and taxation panel member and has been an organiser of international conferences too. He represented staff on Staff Council and as Staff Representive on LMC.

Talking to the students he quoted “To become truly successful, knowledgeable and professional, DAV provides an excellent platform .He made an appeal to the students to develop a keen sense of observation , a sense of duty , discipline and equip oneself with modern sophisticated technology and skills .

He inspired them to equip themselves with every tool to enhance their knowledge and informed them as to how they can maintain a balance in their life and assured them of his best contribution to bring out the best in the budding students ” .

Talking about his experience he quoted “whatever I am and the way I get recognised wherever I go , its just because of this institution DAV College jalandhar and it feels contended enough to have been a part of such a committed and dedicated Dav faculty .

Principal Dr B B Sharma, Senior Vice Principal Prof Vijay Gupta and entire Dav college faculty welcomed their new Vice Principal and told that they are sure enough of this fact that Prof V K Sareen will enlighten up many more lives with his charisma.