US envoy’s father visits DAV College

US envoy’s father visits DAV College

Life has come full circle today but I would probably not stop here ,says noted educationist Dr Kamal ,who visited DAV college Jalandhar , his alma mater during partition days , here today .

Dr Verma ,father of the incumbent US ambassador to India Mr Richard Rahul Verma, had been a distinguished member of Pitt- Johnstown faculty for more than 4 decades and is presently the editor of South Asian review.

He along with his daughter Amita was received by Principal Dr B B Sharma and staff members of the College.

Besides visiting the heritage building, he also enquired from them about well-being of classmates and his faculty members.

The city has seen the most turbulent times during partition as it had to host one of the largest refugee camps for people coming from west Punjab said Dr Verma.

A majority of youths coming from other side of fence didn’t have any proof of their previous qualifications . our college principal Prof Suraj Bhan in order to give them opportunity to continue their study ,offered them to earn up to 12 credits by helping the refugees said Dr Verma.

How does it feel for the city being known as education hub of North India? It’s indeed a matter of pride for the city to have some of highly reputed universities in the region.

The place has been an adobe for education since time immemorial . I am happy that it is still maintaining it’s tradition by illuminating the lives of lakhs of students every year by providing quality education of global standards said Dr Verma.

Though Dr Verma returned to the city after 50 years in 2011,he was found to be well acquainted with the old geography of the city. He shared his memories of various gallis and mohallas in the city.

There used to be many basti areas for the migrant population , and I don’t know whether they still exist of not said Dr Verma .

He said a majority of the publishers who came from Pakistan got settled in the city since it was known to be mecca of education.

What does he expect from his son holding a significant post in India ?

He is one among the rare Indians who managed to rose up to this honour and I am very proud of his achievement . Though we never discussed politics at home , I know he will do his best to nurture the bilateral relations between the two countries said Dr Verma.

He said both his children felt happy and proud to visit to their ancestral home at Apra village on Thursday .

What next?

“I would like to promote knowledge of languages ,cultures and literature of south Asia and the South Asian Diaspora ” said the renowned educationist who formed the South Asian literary Association to serve the purpose.

Anything he would like to do before leaving the city ?

” I had seen the Jalandhar of 60s. Now I would like to see it of 2015 and hope to recognize it it a little .Where ever I had gone Jalandhar has always remained in my heart and I would keep coming back to my roots,which originated here in the city said Dr Verma .