IT forum of college organised a trip with a theme “learn with fun trip”

IT forum of Dav college organised a trip with a theme “learn with fun trip” following a trip to Bhakra nangal dam and accompanying tourist spots nearby .

44 students of computer department and IT forum staff made a grand visit to Maa Naina Devi , Anandpur sahib , Viraasat-e-khalsa and bhakra nangal dam.

Prof Nischay Behl (head IT department) , under the stewardship of Prof Rajiv puri , Prof Archana , Prof Neeru the IT student development program was observed and the educational trip was organised. The students were informed about the bhakra nangal history and learnt about the process of hydro power generation and they also saw the museam constructed by bhakra beas management.

President IT forum Prof Lekha Jindal told the students how much pride pt Jawaharlal Nehru took in the bhakra project and how he was so much dedicated to this project and revised the project for 10 times. She exclaimed how all the contractors , technicians worked day and night dedicatedly for the bhakra construction and finally on October 22,1963 Pt Nehru dedicated the bhakra project to his nation.

Further they proceeded thier trip to Maa Naina Devi and Shri Anandpur Sahib and remembered the almighty.

Then they paid a visit to Virassat-e- Khalsa which depicts the rich cultural heritage of Sikhism and a live evidence of their religious history . There the students they saw designs of library and exhibition gallery and the big auditorium which depicts and exhibits various modern and traditional fort designs

Principal Dr B B Sharma quoted “such educational trips and outings enhance and inhibit the moral , social, ethical , religious values and the rich cultural heritage of the country among the young minds and also enhances their general knowledge skills “