Commerce forum organised a Trip to Coca Cola bottling plant

With the view of imparting practical knowledge to the Students of Bachelor of Commerce Semester 1, Commerce forum of DAV college Jalandhar organised “A fun with learn trip” to Beverage coca cola bottling plant .

Under the aegis of commerce forum , and president ship of Dr Sanjeev Sharma and other faculty members like Prof Bhuvan , Prof Sandeep , Prof Nisha ,Prof Priyanka , following the concept of imparting practical education along with the theoretical, an industrial trip was conducted to Beverage Coca cola bottling plant to gain empirical knowledge on mechanics of bottling.

At the occasion , many coca cola officials were present to provide important information regarding all the process through which coca cola involves the filling up of its bottles through the set up of machines world wide .They told how the engineering section plays integral role during the whole process .The students asked various categories of questions , which were answered very lucidly by the coca cola officials.

The students presented their views and revealed contentment on getting a chance to inculcate the facts about practical knowledge and said for the accomplishment of certain project rigorous effort and excellent teamwork and collaboration is strictly required.
They thanked the officials present for guiding them with valuable information and facts.

At the occasion Officiating Head of department Prof V K Sareen quoted “during the phase of students education , industrial trips are really important as they lead to enhancement in practical skills and knowledge , and the students learn something exclusive apart from the theoretical knowledge.

Later they went to Shri Harminder Sahib to seek the blessings of The gurus – a temple of true dedication and commitment, they seemed the blessing of gurus and attained true divine contentment .Dr Sanjeev Sharma told how Guru Arjun dev ji laid the foundation stones of true significance of the holy Sikh place .

In the evening The students were taken to the Wagah border For the beating retreat ceremony .After the cultural patriotic events , the soldiers March past and parade took place with the drill and they ascended towards the hugs gate and as soon as the sun started setting , They unfolded down the national flag with respect .

This 1 day trip was a mixture of knowledge, religion and patriotism.