Expert Talk on ‘User Experience’

IT Forum DAV College, Jalandhar organized an expert talk on ‘User Experiences’ in today’s world of Smart Phones and Technology.

The Chief guest on this occasion was Mr. Yaju Arya.He was given a warm welcome by Prof Nischay Behl (HOD)

HOD Prof Nischay Behl on the occasion addressed the audience and quoted “Businesses are able to get fast, low cost, independent feedback at almost any stage of their product or service development life-cycle which is supported by detailed feedback on each step of a typical user journey along with a more strategic perspective on how the product or service may need to refocus upon customer needs in order to truly fulfill its business strategy”

Principal Dr B B Sharma was present to grace the occasion n quoted ” today is the era of information technology amd the softwares are an inevitable part of it now a days ” , and such extension lectures and workshop add up to individuals technical knowledge and skills.

The chief guest at the occasion Mr Yaju Arya and talked about the software applications and applicability and further he delivered the talk emphasising on the intricate details to be addressed while designing software applications for mobile devices and computers. Without research business cannot make informed decisions nowadays. It’s only through getting feedback from your users and analyzing their behavior you can make a data-driven decisions.

He explained the importance of eight parameters which play a significant role in making the application popular with masses. He motivated the students towards the direction and also showed his intent to transform India particularly Punjab into a technology provider.

On this occasion Principal Dr. B.B.Sharma ,Associate Prof. Nischay Bahl (Head of the Department),Prof. Lekha Jindal(IT Forum President), Prof.Vishal Sharma, Prof.Nancy Verma ,Prof.Namarta were also present.

Principal Dr.B.B.Sharma,H.O.D Prof.Nischay Bahl and Prof.Lekha Jindal honour the guest with the award of honour.

The stage was handled by Prof. Nancy Verma and Vote of thanks was given by Prof. Vishal Sharma.