Extension Lecture on the “Vedas and the incorporated solutions”

Sanskrit department of DAV College Jalandhar organised a spiritual , pious and soothing extension lecture on the “Vedas and the incorporated solutions”.

The extension lecture was conducted by the revered chief guest Dr Kamdev Jha (Principal DAV College Kurukshetra , Haryana).

The extension lecture was based on the Vedas and the solutions of every notorious and prevalent problems and obstacle that we come across in our lives and the solution of every such problem can be found in the Rich Vedas .

The programme was initiated by the lamp lighting ceremony by Principal Dr B B Sharma and the guest lecturer Dr kamdev Jha .

The stage was hostel elegantly by Dr Jeevan Asha .

Dr Vijay Kumari Gupta (HOD Sanskrit department) extended a warm welcome to the revered special guest at the occasion Dr Jha and she gave an extensive introduction of the great personality , following Dr B B Sharma (Principal) forwarding a vote of thanks to the chief guest for his distinguished presence.

Dr Vijay Kumari (HOD) told about the historic roots of the Vedas and told about implications and significance , and told how it is the oldest written form of evidence in this universe .Vedas form an integral component of great oldest religion of Hinduism. In common language Vedas are termed as mere knowledge which act as a guiding force and light to drive away the darkness of evils and incorporporates in itself all sorts of knowledge and value systems .

Dr Jha in the beginning of his lecture quoted Indian vedas is a storehouse of exemplary knowledge related to aspects of astrology, mathematics, religion ,ayurveda,nature etc and other related subjects

Dr Jha during his extension lecture quoted ” the Vedas are a symbol of dynamism ” which meant they are accessible to everyone and meant for everyone as a whole , anyone can take advantage or derive some sort of spiritual knowledge out of them and its a store house of knowledge , power , solutions and answers to every sort of questions .
He further told if one aspires to get rid of the problems or obstacles of life,one should follow up the path revealed in the Vedas – the true final destination.

Whatever may be the sort of problems ranging from Mental stress and instability to terrorism or harmful substances , or the problems related to ecosystem or biosphere , or the obstacles of over population – to every question and to every obstacle ,the Vedas incorporate the most appropriate solutions in itself .

The only thing required is understandibilty and incorporating the Vedas and its richness into human lives .

At the occasion around 50 students and the Sanskrit faculty was present to grace the occasion and derive maximum potential benefit out of the productive interactive session.

The first ,second and third selected candidates in poster making competition were given due rewards and recognitions.

In this rich interactive session everone learnt the methods to get rid of the life’s problems.

The extension lecture ended with a vote of subjects.Vedas are the backbone of our society and culture & heritage . But gaining true pious knowledge of these great Vedas ,it aquires true dedication and concentration of human mind and soul.