Dr Gurumurthi Kalyanram (marketing expert from State University of New York) addressed the students “LIVE” from New York

Dr Gurumurthi Kalyanram (marketing expert from State University of New York) addressed the DAV college students “LIVE” all the way from New York via video conferencing

World famous visiting professor on marketing full of knowledge Dr Gurumurthy Kalyanram who is a guest lecturer in about 50 universities across the globe and an educational consultant for MIT,University of Texas , Narsi Monji Institute of Management Sciences, Mumbai addressed the Commerce scholars of Bachelors and Masters in commerce field of studies in DAV College.

Officiating Head of department and Registrar of the college Prof V K Sareen welcomed Dr Gurumurthy from New York and Prof Sareen quoted that it’s happening for the first time in the history of commerce department that the great famous visiting professor will be addressing the students all the way from US, and the entire department is feeling proud.

The event manager President Commerce Forum Dr Sanjeev Sharma welcomed the “marketing guru” and introduced him to the department and students.

Principal Dr B B Sharma quoted ” Dr Gurumurthy accepted our proposal of interacting with the students and its immensely a proud moment for our and we pay our heartfelt gratitudes to The world famous marketing guru”.
He further quoted to all the persons present that they all are lucky enough to be a part of such a rich interactive session and they all will definitely learn the new recent trends in the field of marketing and this interactive session is bound to enhance the knowledge of every one present .

Dr Gurumurthy in his extension lecture informed about the present contemporary marketing strategies and made everyone familiar about them and quoted about the declining size of market due to the advent of globalization .Multi national companies are setting up their business units in the Indian territory and Indian companies are expanding their scope of operations in the foreign countries .

He said, new fundas and Principles have originated in the field of marketing , where the companies try to stay in contact with the ultimate consumer or costumer directly and supplying them the manufactured product or service directly ,which is benefiting the producer as well as the consumer because of the genuine price at which the costumer can procure the product .Marketing is not just a limited field now, rather its scope is expanding day by day.

Since the times the concept of marketing has been introduced in the fields of
Telecommunications , information technology, banking ,insurance , education etc , these fields has noticed exemplary growth and boom in the respective sectors .

Further Dr Gurumurthy Kalyanram quoted “the margins and percentage of profits are always higher in direct marketing which enhances product satisfaction for the consumers and the companies market share develops .

Further putting forth his marketing guru mantras Dr Gurumurthy Kalyanram told how the social media is playing the present pivotal role of mass marketing media , through which one can know about the expectations of the prospective and ultimate users,and if in case ones business is facing the phase of depression, one can use this platform to change thier business strategies and coin out new principle of doing trade instead of quitting that line of business .

Further explaining about other unturned stones of marketing management he exclaimed before one enters into the market , one should aquire prior adequate knowledge of working of network marketing companies , study various business aspects of top leading companies across the globe and should have critical analysis and upgrade their knowledge and skills in the field of Brand Management , communication management and study the physchology of consumers.

He further quoted people who consider marketing as an easy way out , normally tend to face harsh difficulties and ultimately quit the profession . He said it’s his personal belief and observation that the field of marketing is a vast field and a prospective field of building careers ,and in the upcoming years it will play an integral role in the economic development of the world economies .

He quoted -to stay successful in a market one should stay connected to the people and remove the negativity barriers from their minds , “consumer is the king of market ” should be the sole guiding principle and establish a proper integrated coordinated teams and eliminate the possibilities of breaking up , following all these principles one would definitely succeed .

Further in the interactive session , students put forth various queries and questions which was answered in a very simple manner by the marketing guru.

Should the business be started at a micro level or macro level? Which would provide more success?

Answer :
Where there is a will, there is a way, small or big doesn’t matter, but make sure whatever you do, you derive pleasure out of it . Don’t set up big goals in the beginning , start from small stones and accomplish the smaller tasks first , start from small stepping stones. Google , apple, Microsoft and other global companies have one thing in common, they started from smaller tasks . Google started off from a garage , Steve Jobs sold his car to buy his first hardware , these were smaller steps to great success and they never stopped after that.

How to set up goals and end points?

Whichever field you choose, stay ready to learn the strategies to attain success .The moment you learn to divide your task or goal into smaller price of tasks, you’ll learn how to divide your goals, you’ll ultimately enhace your productivity and positivity because accomplishing smaller tasks is much easier . Learn to collaborate smaller tasks into big tasks .Learn to celebrate every small success because it turns you on step closer to big success and your final destination.

The success depends upon the human resources. How can we choose them optimally?

During the process of recruitment, prefer those people more who are more excited and inspired for the job . By assigning them appreciate tasks one can judge the level of creativity of the person. Chose the workers who can perform multitasking and who possess excellent communication skills.

Is there any fix mantra for success ?

There is no shortcut or a fixed mantra for success , you just need to be hardworking , and need to coin out and alter your strategies as per the need of the hour, and build up flexible thought process .A person fails because of his negative thought process and succeedes because of positivity and stay and accept challenges at workplace and in life because challenges give birth and explores new powers within us .

You are a marketing guru? Tell us the main mantra of marketing ?

Take care of things like:
1. Know your costumer

2. Understand the business environment

3. Design your product as per the demands of the costumer

4. Design your advertisement keeping in view your target audience

5. Coin out a sound business strategy and policy

What things are to be kept in mind to attain success in network marketing?

The foremost principle to attain success is to choose the right company, need to frame out a strategy , read the books and journals of successful network marketers, properly scrutinise your product and more you increase your product share in the market, more are the chances of growth and success.

Is there any time limit for success in the field of marketing ?

To succeed in marketing one should estimate the time and preplanning should be done as to how much time would it take to accomplish the coined out task . And one needs to under stand that marketing is not a jackpot to become rich ,its a business which consumes time to grow.

After the informative session ended ,Dr Sanjeev Sharma extended his vote of thanks to Dr Gurumurthy Kalyanram and wished he keeps sharing his academic and field knowledge around the globe like this in the future too.