Seminar on “Donating eyes – the most valuable donation”

Just like Alexander the great we all came empty handed and will depart empty handed , but before going will donate our eyes so that someone can experience the beauty of the nature through them.

“The students of DAV college took an oath to donate their eyes”

With the priceless cooperation of Civil hospital jalandhar, The NSS wing of DAV college organised a seminar on ” donating eyes – the most valuable donation”.

Principal Dr B BSharma gave a warm hearty welcome to the official SMO Dr S S Maan from the IE mobile unit of the civil hospital. Principal Sharma while addressing the students talked about the pious significance of human eyes and inspired them to donate this organ . He quoted” no deed is more spiritual and pious than donating ones eyes” .

Dr S S Maan addressing the students talked about how to take proper care of our eyes , and keep them healthy. He informed the students regarding the exact procedure of donating ones eyes .
While talking to the students he said during ones life one can serve the society by donating blood to the needy and after life one can serve the society by donating ones eyes.

After this Prof S K Middha, Prof Rajan, Prof Simran and other 45 students pledged to donate their eyes after death.

In the end the organiser of this event Prof S K middha thanked all the dignitaries and quoted “a person donating eyes can still experience and see the beautiful creations of God in this world , through his donated eyes.This is a sort of donation where we need not give up anything in our present life , but what we attain through this is peace of mind throughout our life.After death these eyes get burnt in ashes along with our dead body , but if we would donate them , it would provide the light of life to someone in need , and this would be the most beautiful pious deal ever on this earth.

During life we need not give up anything nor anything is bound to accompany us after we die , so with an oath to donate our eyes we can serve many human lives .

Prof Kanwaljeet, Prof Sanjay, Prof Simranjeet were present to grace the occasion.