Poster Making competition on the occassion og Sanskrit Day

“Just as in this body the embodied (soul) passes into childhood, youth and old age, so also does he pass into another body the aatma our soul” Writing this Sanskrit Bhagwad Gita shlok Amit Kumar stood first in poster making competition.

On the occasion of “Sanskrit Day” Sanskrit department of Dav college Jalandhar organised a poster making competition in which 30 students from various classes took active participation in the event .

Principal Dr B B Sharma was the chief guest at the occasion.
The judgement jury consisted of Dr K L Saini(HOD Hindi department) , Dr Sandeepna , Prof Seema Sharma.

In the poster making competition students drew there posters taking basis of various epic episodes, Mantras and Shlokas from Shri Bhagwad Gita,The Ramayana .

As per the judgement results Amit Kumar(MA 1st) grasped first position in the competition . His poster depicted the Gita Shlok which meant “the way a human being sacrifices and discards old clothes and acquires new clothes , the same way ones soul the atama never dies but changes and shifts from one body to another”.

Himani Sharma stood 2nd in the competition and her poster depicted the shloka depicting the message” human should not care about the fruit , but just keep doing their deeds (the karma) , god will definitely reap them with the fruit of their karma”.

Vishwajeet Singh BA1st year student stood 3rd in the competition and his shloka depicted “we should give up the paths of injustice , and falsehood and should strive to follow the divine path of Truthfulness only”

We should make optimum use of everything in our life but should not become addicted or connected to them unusually because it depicts human greed and greed is the main root cause of all other ailments and badness .

Sunita (MA 1st year) received consolation prize

Dr Vijay Kumar (HOD Sanskrit department ) , Dr Jeevan Asha , Prof Tina , Prof Ram Swaroop were also present to grace the lovely occasion.