DAV College became the Inter College Badminton Champion

“DAV College became the Inter College Badminton Champion”

In the Guru Nanak Dev University Inter College Badminton (men) “A” division tournament Dav College with their rocking influential performance achieved first position . Dav won beating lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar
by 3-2 in the tournament played in the university hall and won the trophy. The event was organised by Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

Under the stewardship of Dr Manu Sood (HOD physical education department) many players took part in the tournament including Aditya Chopra(captain) , Gagnesh,Sagar,Sahil Sachdeva, Shubham maheshwari and Lakshya. A total of 8 teams took part in the tournament and in the initial match Dav college won over Apj college jalandhar by 3-0 and managed to enter the league.

In the first league match Dav jalandhar won over Dav college Amritsar and won by a difference of 3-1, and in the second league match the GNDU campus Amritsar was beaten by Dav Jalandhar again by 3-0.

Beating the earlier teams Dav jalandhar managed to enter the finals where it had a tough face off with Lyallpur khalsa college jalandhar.

In the final match Dav jalandhar in a very tough interesting and challenging match beated khalsa college jalandhar and won the overall champions trophy.


First match :

Kanav of Khalsa college beated Ganesh of Dav by 21-17,21-15.

2nd match:

Aditya Chopra(captain Dav team) beated Harinder of Khalsa team by 21-11,21-10.

3rd Match (doubles )

Kanav and Deepak from Khalsa college beated Sagar and Sahil of Dav jalandhar by 21-16 and 21-12.

4th match

Sagar of Dav again managed to beat Deepak of Khalsa by 21-17,16-21,21-17 and maintained an equal position ,thus enhancing the enthusiasm of the tournament.

Final Match

In the 5th and the most important doubles match Aditya and Shubham of Dav rocked the whole match and beated Kanav and Rohit of Khalsa college in style by 21-15 and 26-24 and won the overall trophy for the prestigious institution Dav college jalandhar

Principal Dr B B Sharma quoted “we are really proud of the fact that our Dav team won this great Badminton tournament and it has performed excellently throughout and bagged top rank in the finals” . He further quoted… The entire Dav is proud of its players and heroes who are also excelling in other sports.

On reaching back Principal Dr B B Sharma congratulated HOD Dr Manu Sood of Physical Education department , Coach Varun, Prof Saurabh Raj , Prof Mohit and entire staff for their exemplary contribution and quoted “the college not only provides theoretical education but also assists and makes efforts to make the students mentally and physically healthy and sound ,keeping this in mind , student are given physical training.