Seminar on “Frozen food and their safety and opportunities”

The Food and Science Department of DAV college Jalandhar organised a seminar on " Frozen food and their safety and opportunities".

The chief guest of the seminar was Mr Sandeep Sareen (Managing director of Modern Agro Foods ) . He was given a warm floral welcome by principal Dr B B Sharma , Prof Bhartedu Singla (Hod) , Prof Anu Gupta , Prof Pankaj Gupta .

Welcome address was given by Prof Bhartedu Singla. He quoted " Frozen food is in trend now a days and people are liking them". Along with taste, this sector is having great opportunities, need is to be creative and active.

Dr B B Sharma quoted "Frozen food is under heavy demand these days and are being sold the most , ranging from super markets to small traders are selling these Frozen foods and earning huge margins and profits "

The Chief president of the event Mr Sandeep Sareen quoted about the frozen food consumption , safety , their production and demand . He told how the frozen food sector has experienced tremendous and exemplary growth in the past 10 years and he told about the rich growth and employment prospects this sector possesses .

Mr Sareen told students how they can start their business and trade in Frozen foods . He told about all kinds of machines used for preparing Frozen food is available in Malaysia, for instance the spring roll machine is in huge demand these days. Observing the above aspects anyone can enter and excel in this line of business.

Further the chief guest told the scope and range of frozen food is no longer fixed and unchangeable. In reality their price tags are even lower than the non Frozen foods, example Frozen vegetables, Frozen fruits, Frozen snacks, baby corn, baby potatoes, stringsem, beetroots. French beans, carrots, green chilli, green ginger, sweet corn, cocktail fruits, mango slice, grapes, cranberry, pulses cutlet, chapatis, gujrati rolls, spring rolls, pronthis (methi, papad,layered pronthis etc) are included.

Packaging of frozen food has many opportunities , only if you are sure of excellent talent for leading this business of packaging .

In the end he told in the field of frozen foods students opt for the marketing , which is also capable of providing you recognition . By marketing the frozen food on local basis you can earn good amount of money .

On this event, Prof Jaswinder, Prof Jyotsna, Prof Pritika and Prof Komal were also present.