College celebrated The Sadbhawna mission

DAV college celebrated The Sadbhawna mission: Strengthening Social harmony and brotherhood .

The NSS wing of DAV college Jalandhar celebrated and observed the Sadbhawna (courtesy) mission and celebrated the event.

The organised event revealed about the significance of this pious and incredible event and aiming at inspired the students to maintain the unity and sovereignty of the nation . The Sadhbhawna diwas -a mission strengthen the social harmony and brotherhood is celebrated on the birth anniversary of our former prime minister Sh Rajiv Gandhi every year. An oath ceremony was conducted which gave the message of leaving behind and growing beyond the imperfections of castism and racism , cultural indifferences and interpersonal conflicts and strive to maintain national harmony , unity and brotherhood and to maintain national sovereignty and supremacy .

On this occasion principal Dr B B Sharma, Prof S K Middha, Prof Rajan Sharma, Prof Kanwaljeet Singh , Prof Sanjay Sharma , Prof Gurcharan Singh and all the students participated with great zeal , passion and enthusiasm.

Principal Dr B B Sharma on this occasion quoted about giving up and eliminating the notorious elements of Castism , rascism, culutral indifferences and swore and made an oath to the others to strive and work corrdinately to establish national integrity, unity , peace equality, courtesy ,supremacy , soverignity and brotherhood. He quoted how the inequalities and mutual differences are a barrier to personal and national development . We should join hands to make our country grow and develop constantly for now and forever by adopting the Sadbhawa mission.