Top University positions bagged by M.Sc. Physics Students

DAV college Jalandhar shined in the university results . Sanya Monga bagged first position in the university in MSc Physics semester 2 .

The Post Graduate department of Physics bought laurels to the institution by outperforming in the Guru Nanak Dev university examinations. DAV secured first position in the university , where Sanya Monga topped by scoring 945/1200 and secured first position in the university merit list. She paid heartfelt gratitude to her teachers and parents and said with classroom learning, self study and support of the family nobody can stop us from excelling . 
She quoted "concentration , hard work and dedication are the essential elements for success ".

Principal Dr B B Sharma , Vice Principal Prof P K Sharma, Vice Principal Dr Ravi Manuja and HOD of Physics Department Prof T D Saini, Pro Hemant, Pro Satish Kumar and Pro Atul bhalla congratulated the department on this epic result and wished them luck for future.