Teej festival Celebrated in the girls hostel

DAV College organised celebration of the traditional Teej festival in the girls hostel. Teej festival of monsoon basically marks the significance of arrival of monsoon and is dedicated to goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva .

The girls danced elegantly on the teej traditional song ” papeha bolaa baag mein, sawaaan aoyoo re….” .

A swing was installed in the girls hostel , on this occasion . Girls with their respective partners and friends drew beautiful designs of heena .” Shrawan” singing competition marked the performance of many girls singing beautiful songs in their sweet voices . The Jhulha songs in the event were a source of attraction

A stall of eatbles was put up for the students including bhelpuri, ice cream ,jalebi , paanipuri etc.

Principal Dr B B Sharma congratulated all the girls on the occasion . Talking about the significance of the teej festival he quoted ” by participating in such traditional festivals we stay connected to our rich cultures, traditions and heritage (virasaat) “. The girls sang beautiful cultural songs ” lok geet” and made the environment totally melodious . Other items like giddha, dances and nrityas and Punjabi folk dances and forms made the occasion more colorful and meaningful.

Maninder was given the tag of “Miss Teej” , Gurpreet became “Miss Elegant ” , And Jaspreet became “Miss Charming “.

On this occasion Dr Randhawa (deputy registrar ), Prof T D Saini (chief warden), Prof Sharanjeet, Mrs Praveen Saini, Dr Komal, Madam Romilla Verma and Anupam Renu Mahajan were also present