Commerce Forum of the college orgaised Motivational Lecture for students

“Character of an individual can be tested out and carved out in proper manner only by fighting with difficulties and experiences ” said Dr Sohan Singh Chandel in DAV college on the occasion of International Youth Day .

On the occasion of International youth day Commerce forum of DAV college organised a motivational lecture for the young blood . Dr Sohan singh chandel was the chief guest who was given a warm floral welcome by principal Dr B B Sharma , Dr Sanjeev Sharma (president commerce forum) , Prof V K Sareen (officiating Hod of commerce).

In the starting principal Dr BB Sharma quoted ” the youth is the strength of every nation and they have an incredible and inevitable role in the development of the society ” . He said youth should constructively utilize their energies in a positive manner. Apart from this they should play a pivotal role in eradicating the notorious aspects of the society .
Prof Vk sareen ( HOD commerce department)quoted “until and unless a conducive environment is provided , an individual cannot work with full capability,and he proudly quoted how 3 Indians with their inspiration have reached the top level positions in world class companies ,all owing to their leadership and motivational instincts “.

Dr Sohan Singh in his lecture quoted ” what others think about you is not important , whats important is what you think about yourself. every individual is unique and holds their own unique importance”. Whatever others think about you is none of your business !! The others judgments on you are like the fancy ribbons wrapped over a gift box , simply remove those ribbons and open the box to exactly know the individual’s personality . Don’t judge a person from outer appearance or from others views because everyone is a pure priceless gift inside.

Further he told how time is a great and a powerful tool. When itz in our favour , we are at the top of world , but when we are lost in the revenges of time even our shadows leave us , and we go astray from the aims of our lives . But incredibly this time is a true judge of ones character !! It’s generally quoted a gold is tested with its ability to fight the hot fire and a person’s character is tested with the way he faces those subjugations and problems . You just need to trust yourself and the god . Change is inevitable as nothing is permanent, neither good nor bad .

Dr Singh quoted its only through the fight with those difficulties dat we taste the real win . We just need to convert our challenges and threats into our prospective opportunities. Never lose hope and stay positive . This is the mantra for a happy personality .
Last he quoted sometimes we are so close to success but are unable to achieve it because we preferred working only in our comfort zone . Rather we should quit that comfort zone and face the real ground realities to taste true success.

Dr Sanjeev Sharma (president commerce forum) while sharing his views beautifully quoted “its not always important that the we always hit the ball for a four or a six , we may even lose our wicket to that ball ” Circumstances can be in our favour or against us. We should try carving out positive paths during negativity , doing this we would definitely succeed. Always learn from failures , because failures are a stern pathway to success.

At the occasion Prof Manish Khanna ( PRO ) , Prof Ashok kapoor, Prof Arun Mehra , Prof Ram Kumar, Prof Rajeev puri , Prof Amit Jain, Prof Bhuvan and other members were also present .