Research trends in computational techniques – 15

“Research trends in computational techniques – 15” seven day National Workshop for teachers at DAV College Jalandhar concluded.

A seven day national workshop for teachers came to an end today in DAV College Jalandhar where Dr Ajay Sharma (Director National Institute of Technology, New Delhi) was the chief guest. He was florally welcomed by Vice Principal of the college, Prof P K Kapoor and Prof P K Sharma, Prof Nischay Bahl & Prof Monika chopra.

Morning session was chaired by Dr Rajni Sharma of Mathematics Department of DAVIT. Her lecture “numerical computation using software mathematica” was based upon the use of software and its working.

Chief guest Mr Ajay stressed upon the usage of research in modern day and said ” we should work passionately in order to contribute for mankind in context of research. To improve In the field of optical communication and wireless communication, we should work together on interdisciplinary research so that India reaches the peak of information technology. “

Dr Ajay distributed certificates to 95 candidates.

In this seven day national workshop, issues like wireless networking, cloud computing, database Technology and Natural language processing were discussed upon.

Workshop’s convener, Dr Nischay Bahl thanked all the candidates for making workshop an ultimate success.