Dr. Sumesh Handa addressed a workshop on World TB Day

Bones don't need to be afraid of TB.
On the occasion of " World Tuberculosis day" neurologist epidemiologist Dr. Sumesh Handa addressed a workshop sponsored by DBT Scheme of Indian government held at DAV college Jalandhar.

Prof. Puneet Puri, Dr. Deepak Wadhwan nd Prof. Pooja Sharma of zoology department of college handled this workshop. College principal Dr. B.B. Sharma alongwith workshop' s coordinator Dr. Karuna Mittal welcomed the chief guest, Dr.Sumesh Handa.



Dr Handa explained the common misconception of masses that the TB is only related to failure of lungs which directly relates to the fact that people are unaware of TB in spinalcord , and they need to be educated about this. He informed that the disease tend to shrink the spinal cord because of which numerous amounts of neurological problems related to nervous system . It directly affects the nerves of the patient , consequently depriving the patient's ability to feel and this leads to problem like Paraplesia and Cyfosys. Treatment of TB in spinal cord is conducted by antituberculosis chemotherapy (ATT) and it is available in most of the government hospitals and dispensaries. Under the national TB control program this facility is available free of cost. As we know that this disease affects the waste bone by causing infection and to prevent further damage, a brace ( a kind of belt ) used to support the spinal cord.

In the end Dr. Handa concluded that if the inner part of the spinal cord is filled with pus which is pressing the nerves , it is necessary to operate and protect the nerves by its removal.

Other officials like PRO of college Prof. Manish Khanna , Prof. Rajpurohit , Prof Amit Jain,Dr. R.D. Gill, Prof. Rakesh, Prof. Pankaj, Dr. Manoj and Prof. Anita were also involved in the workshop.