Lecture on “Practical Application of Research Techniques in Business World”

In DAV College, Dr Ashish said –  advanced  research techniques are very supportive for getting better financial results

Commerce Forum of DAV College organized Guest Lecturer on research techniques for M.Com students. Topic was ” Practical Application of Research Techniques in Business World”. Expert was Dr Ashish Arora. Head of the department Prof Vijay Gupta, Prof Manish Khanna and president of commerce forum Prof Nidhi Aggarwal gave floral welcome to Dr Ashish Arora.
In his lecture Dr arora explained that business research is the process of gathering the necessary data for an industry to be successful. Business research is synonymous with market research, but companies typically use every type of market research available to fully analyze their business situation: industry analysis, product research, and even identifying key customer groups. The business research process is necessary to assist managers in making major business decisions.
He used factor analysis and multiple regression analysis techniques in a case study and explained, their implications in the business decisions, to the students.He said that business research functions as a conduit to new ideas and concepts.

He emphasized that learning through research is not limited to a particular department or project or a particular point in the year. It can be conducted by reading, viewing and listening on a daily basis. Every employee has the potential to be involved in some level of business research, and gathering research should not happen in a vacuum but should be part of the process of managing a business.

Vote of thanks was passed by Rubal Nanda. In the seminar Dr V K Sateen, Prof Arun Mehra, Prof Rajiv Sharma, Prof Ashok Kapoor,  Prof Rajiv Puri, Prof Satish Ahuja, Prof Manav Aggarwal, Prof Amit Jain,Prof Ram Kumar and Prof Rajwant Kaur were also present.